31 March 2008

We have another Junior handler reporter to join our Monday team, Naomi with Oscar,
Today I was at Gravesend and Medway Town Canine Society Open Show . We spent the day with Victoria, Roy, Sunnie and of course their Bedlington Jack, which was fun. Oscar and I were first in the ring, A.V.N.S.C Puppy Class and there were two dogs in the class, Oscar came 2nd. We are very happy with the result and as always very proud of Oscar. Then I took part in Junior Handling , I was looking forward to it. Victoria and I stood next to each other, we stood our dogs ready to be examined by the judge. Oscar was a bit of a pain doing the letter 'T' but we did the best we could. When she had made her choice I was placed 2nd and have also qualified for Richmond Semi-Finals. So I am pleased with myself and Oscar! Congratulation to Victoria and Jack for their placings.
Next weekend I am showing Oscar at Stafford National Terrier Championship Show, I will give you an update as soon as I get back home.
Pictures of today will hopefully be on Victoria's notes as ours didn't come out very well. (mum's not very good with the camera)
Naomi and Oscar!Congratulation Naomi for your 2nd place in the Terrier Class and for your 2nd in the handling. Wow off to Richmond, great news for you and of course the bedlington breed! Hopefully we will meet next weekend and we will all look forwrd to hearing all about Oscar at the summer shows. Thank you for joining our young reporter's team.


Sue & Liza said...

Well done Naomi and Oscar - it sounds like you had a fun day with Victoria and Jack! Good luck for this coming weekend, we look forward to hearing all about it next week!

Tina W said...

Well done-good luck for next weekend too!

billy said...

well done naomi and oscar