24 March 2008

What a terrible Easter it has been weather wise.we have been luckier than some in the Midlands with the snow not settling for very long but the biting winds have certainly stopped me from venturing very far.The dogs have not appeared bothered by shortened times outdoors and have amused themselves in the house, oh how I wish they would put their toys away when they have finished with them! It's great to see the photos of the dogs in the snow and on the beach too . I am looking forward to more competition photos. My sister-in law had one of her lurcher pups come back for a visit last week, she is well behaved and is learning quickly although my Colin is the father, she has a good attention span and has not got the stubborn bedlington nature. I just hope that she turns out a good worker for her owner. Good luck to everyone that is showing this week.
Till next week. Tina.
Thanks Tina it is lovely hear about Colin's pups, I would love to see a photo of one of the brown ones.


big mo said...

Lovely pups Colin has put his mark on them they look like bedlington's.

Madeline said...

Thandi says 'would you please stopping putting photos of adorable pups on the blog? My mum is getting broody and it worries me!'