29 April 2008

Barney Bunny

I know it seems ages ago but here's a pic of barney wearing his Easter bunny ears and top, it's actually the top half of a babygro. It was taken at Corbridge Rugby Club, when we were running the Easter weekend caravan rally as you can see the ears didn't stay on for long, a quick shake of the head and they were gone! He didn't seem to mind the top though, we entered into the Easter holiday mood by making fools of ourselves and greeting all the caravans as they arrived wearing bunny ears, T shirts worn over our coats[ well it was bitter cold ] with a rabbit transfer on just like Barneys and also white fluffy bunny tails. Despite the snow and the wind and rain at times throughout the weekend we still had a good time.Next time I'll try to send a normal photo of Barney for a change. Muriel
Muriel I think you and Barney win top prize for being the bedlingtonpictures best comedians! I still laugh at the photo you send us of you in the chair with Barney lying upside down on your lap while you clipped his nails. I enlarged that photo for the Discover Dogs photo board at crufts it is a great photo!


big mo said...

Murial you and Barny are a tonic please keep sending in these type of snaps they are great.

Tina W said...

What a fantastic picture Muuriel-Barney liiks great-would love to see one of you in your outfit!!