29 April 2008

Happy Birthday to Millie who is one today!

Well, we can't quite believe it but our little Millie will be is year old today! She had a pre-birthday party yesterday, when Lesley and Mike brought her best friend (and niece) Maddie to visit. They had a good old play fight and run around as usual, and Maddie also enjoyed playing 'hunt the cat', not realising that Oscar and Bessie were snoozing happily behind a closed bedroom door! After that we all went off to the pub for a very nice Sunday lunch. When we came back home, those with 2 legs had sherry trifle, whilst those with four had a special Bacon & Cheese flavour doggy birthday cake!
Attached is a photo of Millie "sharing" her cake with Maddie - clearly she thought that as it was her cake she should eat both portions! Maddie, Lesley & Mike also brought Millie a lovely hamper full of goodies and presents - also attached is a photo of Millie enjoying a rawhide lollipop!
Millie has a lovely new collar and lead for her birthday, so we may get a photo of her showing that off once she's unwrapped her presents .
Love, Sue & Liza
Many happy returns to Millie, it looks like the people as well as the dogs had a good time yesterday! We look forward to seeing Millie with her new collar and lead.


e.tuck said...

Hey - happy birthday Mille.

Now the weather is better - see you out and about we hope

Love from Lily and mac

victoria said...

Happy birthday millie!
i hope that we meet eachother soon!
ps-your cake sounds nice!

Lorraine said...

Happy birthday, Millie!

Sounds like you had a great time. :)


patricia said...

happy birthday millie, lots of kisses

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

hi liza and sue, thanks for wishing me well.
glad someone cares.
HaPpY bIrThDaY mIlLiE.
fRoM aLl At SeAoFiRoN.

if anybody gets the countrymans weekly, 'blue' is in it tomorrow, according to the email they sent me.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Millie!
from Cody and Briagha

Tina W said...

Happy Birthday Millie-think you,ve been spoilt on your 1st birthday!!Glad you enjoyed your day.

big mo said...

Happy birthday Millie you are a spoiled pooch.and why not.

Lesley, Mike & Maddie said...

Hi Millie

Thanks so much for inviting us all to your birthday party. Both the 4 legs and the uprights had a lovely time! Hope you have a lovely day (and enjoy the rest of the cake!)

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

All at Janmark say Happy Birthday Millie.
Hope you had a great day!

Love & kisses from 'D'.

Madeline said...

Happy birthday Millie. How clever of you to give the two-legged ones an excuse for a party!

Louise said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Millie - you're only lucky girl - love from Jake