29 April 2008

Jasper and FosburyJasper and Fosbury (the rescue with Cushings disease) just back from the hairdessers.
Fosbury gets better all the time. His coat looks great now and hopefully the bald patches on his back legs will soon get some fur on them. Regards Martin and Julie.
What a couple of swells these two handsome guys are. It is fantastic to hear Fos is feeling better and he looks terrific.


Tina W said...

Hello you handsome boys!

Lesley R Caines said...

Nice to see you are home safe and sound Tina, welcome back!

big mo said...

Gosh that Tina beat me to it, she also beat me at fishing, I am losing my touch, SMART DOGS GREAT HAIRDRESSER.

Mary said...

Hi M and J - Jasper and Fosbury look great. Sorry i missed you on Monday - maybe see you next time you come in. Dont forget we will be at Newmarket on lst June and Littleport on 14th June - if you need more details just let me or Kathryn know. So glad the Beddies are doing well - you must be so pleased. Mary

martin and julie said...

Thanks everyone.

We were sorry we missed you Monday Mary we were looking forward to seeing Bridget and Brenda. My how Freddie has grown, he is gorgeous.
We will try and get to one of the shows, but best of luck if we don`t see you and let us know how you got on.