29 April 2008

These past two weeks have bought disappointment and joy. Our male puppy was returned by his new owners as they could not manage a boisterous dog puppy. So for a week we were back up to four pups at home again. However in that time we have managed to house train them all – almost! We were unclear as to how we were going to manage our lives with three puppies once Millie had gone to Consett on the 3rd of May. Jaz was less than impressed with Bluey’s return and our greyhound was beside herself and spends most of her day with her muzzle on. Mark clipped Blue on the Monday and revealed a fine dog under all the fur. He is definitely Q’s son – What a head he has. But even the discovery of such a good looker could not lift our depression over the prospect of having to keep all three of the puppies.
Then on Thursday we had a call from Bluey’s owners and they asked if they could possibly have a bitch instead and could they pick her up on Saturday? What could we say – we really wanted them to enjoy the experience of owning a Beddie, so we said yes. Hence the joy and so far we have had nothing but good vibes from Oakenshaw. Hopefully now they have found the right dog. So we are now left with a beautifully proportioned dog that could go on to show and possibly win, but living in a home that doesn’t have the time to dedicate to the world of showing. So if there is anyone out there that wants a fully vaccinated/chipped and housetrained handsome dog…………
On the lighter side MEJ is certainly making her mark on her world as she knows it. She may have been the smallest bitch in the litter but she has the largest personality and the loudest bark. She running us ragged!
The pictures are of the three girls before Abi left and of Bluey getting his teeth into something good. More news soon
Sharon & Jaz.
The hardest part of breeding a litter of pups is making sure they all go to the right people who not only understand the Bedlington but have a conducive environment and time to devote to training a pup. Not easy! I try to keep in touch with my puppy owners and have made some fantastic new friends.


matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

hi sharon, will you be out and about in redcar with the pups ever??
i'll have to keep an eye out for you.
are you not joining ringcraft??
i thought mark may have talked you into it.
Q's dad is our mouses dad also, and pup sasca's grandad, so somewhere along the line they are all relatives somehow.


e.tuck said...

I imagine raising a litter of bouncing pup's is hard enough without the rollercoaster week you've had! Hope it all resolves soon and looking forward to seeing one of your pup's out and about in sunny (more like windy) Consett

patricia said...

I wish I had room for another one, or two or three. Yes they are hard work, but such fun as well.

Tricia said...

I bought a puppy from a breeder in 1989 & we still keep in touch!! She keeps up with everyone that buys a puppy from her.....unfortunately her age and health have ended her breeding and showing days. At least the pup came back and isn't in a situation where he will be mistreated.

Marie said...

Why do folk take on a puppy and then expect it to be easy? Of course its hard work, its like having a baby in the house. The good thing is that puppies grow up so much faster than children :-)
Would you swap your baby for a better behaved one?
A puppy is for life, whatever its personality (in my humble opnion).

e.tuck said...

I would never swap my babies Marie - but teenagers! I was tempted to trade them in once or twice.

Seriously tho' I tend to agree with your humble opinion.

Tina W said...

It's hard when finding homes for your pups-I sometimes wonder if prospective owners think I'm a nosey witch asking them all sorts of questions,but you have to be so careful where your babies are going to their new homes as you don't want to hear of them being up for re-homing after a miserable time at the home you allowed them to go to-at least the buyers were honest saying it was too boisterous -perhaps they thought it would sit quietly all day!!!!!(An hour sitting quietly would be lovely!!!)

big mo said...

Good job those people did not have Tina's pup theu would have gone crazy, I think it's best that they brought it back sooner than later.

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

here here marie.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

I had the pleasure of cliping the dog puppy out, he was a proper little gentleman, very well behaved.
At times I do not think that people know what to expect when taking on a puppy. Yes, they are hard work for a while, but you do eventually reap the rewards of the effort you put in.If you are not used to pups, they can be very daunting & certainly take over your home & life for a few weeks.
Who would have a puppy any different?

Tina W said...

ME!! Isla is the pup from hell,Big Mo agrees-but no doubt she'll calm down eventually-I hope!!