30 April 2008

Tony wins the Top barn Bedlington Anglers competition!
The winner of the fishing was Tony with a mirror carp weighing 18 lbs 3 ozs,unfortunately Mo and myself had gone back to the vans to cook our dinners,but Tony Waller took a couple of snaps with my camera but he forgot to use the zoom. The bottle of wine will be saved and handed to the next bedlington angler winner later in the year.


big mo said...

Looks as though the camera was up the tree,it was a great fish and Tony was delighted, he had a good week in the end he could not fail well done.

Tina W said...

The last day was definately the best for him-he made me stop cooking his dinner as he was too busy catching fish.

stu said...

As well as beating us all he knew he was going to win 'cos he had a shave for the pictures.