28 April 2008

Two of a kind!!!!
I just had to send you this one too, Ian and Willow look so similar it made me laugh!
Another great photo Lorraine maybe a good entry for the BTA calendar competition?


Sue & Liza said...

Hmmm... I think someone's been overdoing the rawhide chewing - but which one of them?!

Tricia said...

What a pair they are!!

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

or both got an itch??


Lorraine said...

I don't know, Lesley!

I send you-

Two photos of Willow looking very pretty in Bluebell woods.
Lots of photos of bloggers and their Bedlingtons looking great at Crufts.
And ONE silly photo of Willow and Ian fast asleep.

Which one ends up on the blog?

Might have guessed! ;)

Mind you, I have to admit it did make me laugh. I don't think it is really calendar material though, does fancy looking at that sight for a month?! I think not...

Tina W said...

I think it's great-typical beddie pose and they say owners become like their dogs!!

big mo said...

I think it's a great callender snap. but that might be my scence of humor

big mo said...

oh dear I am back and I still can't spell.