29 May 2008

And the there was one!

This is the last of Holly's pups you may remember the north east litter that Mark Walshaw sent to you 8 weeks ago now, Mark suggested we send you a picture of him and ask if you could put him on your site and hopefully find him the right home. we would be grateful for any help
Paul & Jeanette
Our phone number is 01915263013.
I am surprised there is still a liver pup looking for a home! He looks adorable for anyone interested, Mark's Q ( Janmark Allanora) is Dad


Marie said...

I reckon Diane should sneak this lad in when Billy isn't looking ;-)

Trish said...

Good idea Marie. I doubt he notice another.

Diane said...

please don't tempt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

You had best send him down the road to me, Ill find room for him.



Since Eileen gave him a trim he looks even better. A show stopper.

The Makems