29 May 2008

Enter one swamp rat!

Exit one beauty queen

Viv Rainsbury sent me thse"before and after" pictures of Bonnie (Sevray Repique). Viv says, "she obviously inherited the "swamp rat" gene from her Mum, Dora"! All that remains now is for Viv to keep her looking like the "after" shot as she is entered in a show today.
Thank you Viv for sending the photos and the very best of luck with little Bonnie today.


Marie said...

Wow, now thats an extreme makeover!

julie o said...

what a lush girl you are bonnie tell your mum that mucky water is good for the skin lol see you next week love cousin whisper

Viv at Sevray said...

Just an update - Bonnie thoroughly enjoyed herself - went round the ring like she'd been doing it for ever (only her second show), kissed the judge and finished up with Puppy Group 2. To round off a lovely day, her dad, Penfold, went BOB and Gp2.

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

hi viv.
well done bonnie.


Viv at Sevray said...

Just another little comment - after the "little lambs" usual nonsense, we did get a new one from a young lad - "oh, they must be wire-haired poodles" Yep, that's right ....

Mary said...

Well done Bonnie and Penfold - Bonnie really is a picture - you must be sooo pleased with her?
Will tell Freddie how well sis is doing today.

I got stopped yesterday and asked what crosses my girls were - aaaarrrggghhh!

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

oh dear.
i've heard the poodle one before but not wire-haired ones!!
i just totally ignore anyone that comes out with anything stupid or tell them to educate themselves, read a few books.
i once came across a huge dog on the beach, so i went over to it.
it looked like a short haired 'dulex' dog but the lady informed me it was 'a scottish bedlington terrier'.
i said to her, these are bedlington terriers, she said i know that but mine is a scottish one!!
must be the haggis!!
i just walked off.


Lesley R Caines said...

Conratulations Viv, a great day for the Sevary team! I expect Bonnie will be back in the swanp this afternoon having fun with mum!
Wired haired poodles, what next!

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

forgot to tell you mary, theres a bit of jake in bridget!! lol lol