30 May 2008

Friday and first up is our Stu with his report from London and the Home Counties

Off to Newbury for Southern Counties straight after work today. The camper is full of booze and stuff from the Tesco nearly out of date counter so we are well set up come rain or shine. The forecast looks pretty good so lets hope it's right.
Pat has sportingly had to cry off with a dose of kennel cough which is a shame because Johnny is in lovely coat at the moment and an article in Tassels and Tails by our judge was very complimentary about the colour of the English Bedlingtons. Unusual for an American. Be Interesting to see what he thinks of Maurice.
I've been in dock with a gammy leg this week, X-rays and all that to see what's wrong. Half a bottle of Scotch should dull the pain for Saturday so I'm not letting you off the hook unless I really have to. Anyway, Angie can handle them just as well, if not better than I can. Went to The Highclere Show on Monday. Spent 11 quid to get in and spent an hour sheltering with the lovely Tracy in the Countryman's Weekly tent before giving up and coming home. The rain was horizontal, the dogs were soaked and so, despite all my wet weather gear, was I. It's not often I give up but that was not a joke it was a ruddy pantomime.
See y'all Saturday.

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