31 May 2008

Saturday and good luck to everyone showing at Southern Counties and I wonder what has been going on up in Skye?

A hunting we won't go!

There was a rabbit lurking around the garden the other day. I let the dogs out to come help me take the wheelie bin down to the gate. The rabbit lay down low in the grass and Cody and Briagha ran straight past! As I approached with the bin, mister rabbit decided to make a run for it, and hopped off toward the field behind the house. Briagha glanced up as it went, but paid no great heed whilst Cody was too busy elsewhere. As we headed back up to the house, the dogs passed the spot where mister rabbit had been hiding. Suddenly they realised that something very interesting had been here, and they sniffed around for ages. 'Hey mum we've found an interesting scent over here!' 'A bit too late, the rabbit is long gone' I laughed to myself.
I'm sure mister rabbit was laughing too.
Thank you Marie aren't they funny and Mr rabbit lives to to tell another tale!


patricia said...

lovely story marie, they look great friends, and B looks so like Leo. the same colouring too. x

Nina said...

I must say I am glad Roger Rabbit is still alive ;0)
Lovely to see the other day, Briagha leading Cody around. Anija does the same with Ken, but she use his coat around the nose instead of a lead. It must hurt, else he would drag her.
So nice to see how good they get along, our wonderful beloved ones!
Have a nice weekend ;0)

Marie said...

Mister rabbit now brings missus rabbit along so they can both laugh at my two 'hunters' :-)