29 May 2008

Thursday is North East and we hear first from Mark

A snap of a couple of the lurcher pups owned & bred by Louise, arent they beautiful. They are such a well balanced litter.
What an excellent day Northumberland Show proved to be, with several people getting a touch of sunburn, the breeze got a little draughty at times, but we will not complain about that. The showfield was dry & all rings were very busy. Not a large turn out for the Bedlingtons, however the terrier group itself was very well supported, with over 90 terriers in attendance. Eventual winner was A Maughans Wire Fox. I did not stay for BIS has I had other tasks to complete. It was good to see & meet many Bedlington pet owners at Corbridge, all enjoying their day out & telling their own little bedlington stories.
I called in on the way home to see Millies (the lurcher) pups, they are beautiful & so laid back for ones so young. Louise advises me that they will probably keep two of the pups, mother Millie does dancing to music / heelwork & they are hoping that these offspring will complete in agility? Looking at mother & offspring I think they would be better suited to the hills & countryside of Durham, doing what comes naturally to a lurcher! So if you are looking for a handy type of dog, get in touch with Louise.
It was good to catch up with the makems (Derek & Eileen) & Janette & Family, hearing of the progress of their litters of pups. As usual Derek & Eileen did not fail in the brew department, with a liberal supply of coffee & Yorkshire Tea Cake, thank you very much. It was good to meet up with Kevin & Ann Ovenden, we only seem to see them at this show nowadays, which is a shame. They always sponsor the Bedlington classes, I was lucky enough to receive £10 for BOB (will go towards the diesel!!). Unfortunately I did not make ringcraft this week as I had several things to catch up on, with the pups keeping us busy, hopefully we will make it next week.
Hope to catch up with a few people at Southern Counties on Saturday, I have Welf as co-pilot for the day, it will be a very long day, with a few miles to put on the clock. Good luck to all exhibitors, I hope you enjoy your day.
Does anyone out there have a space blanket or similar that they have going spare or alternatively I can purchase if suitable. Looking for a decent size to cover a puppy run.


matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

nice pups.
can't wait to see them when they are older.


roy said...

i hava a mountain space bag if that is any good,mark

Martin said...


Could you please bring another NST schedule for September the one you gave me at SKC mysteriouly disappeared when we got daun sauf.

Mission impossible? Self destructed once it got past the M62? Or rather Jill's put it somewhere and can't remember.

kevin said...

mark do you have contact number for louise ihave someone who would be interested in one of her pups ...thanks kevin

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Contact details sent to Lesley.

Conside done.

Looking for a heavy duty cover, thanks for offer.

I should be able to get one on Saturday.

cheers all,

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

louise, what crosses are these lurchers then??
bedlington X ??.


Louise said...

Sorry about being a bit quiet, I've had computer trouble! Milly is a 24" deerhound type but we don't know exactly, she is a beautiful dog and very intelligent, and we love Q, so that's why we bred from her. Pups left are 1 boy , three girls, all will be rough & grey Cheers, L