28 May 2008

Wednesday, and to find out what has been happening in Wales, we hear from Enid, big Mo is away having fun on a fishing holiday

Hi, everyone, just thought I'd let you know what we've been up to this last couple of weeks.After SKC we decided to make our way home slowly through Northumberland. We stayed at a beautiful Caravan Club site in Spittal, on the outskirts of Berwick on Tweed. It had the most fantastic sea views. The beach was only a short stroll away and the dogs had a whale of a time as they were allowed to run free. They made lots of new friends as everyone seemed to have a dog. We met a couple from Hampshire who were visiting Berwick with thier two Bedlingtons and a Dandy Dinmont! The one was a Honeymist and was 13 years old and the other was a rescue from Francis Fuller that they got last year before Francis moved to Wales. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. We chatted for ages and they said how they wished the Breed clubs would do more for the ordinary pet owners. Naturally, we told them about Bedlington Pictures and the great time we had last year at the Fun Day. I've forgotten their names but if they read this perhaps they could post some pictures of their dogs. We camped at The Grange Caravan Site at Durham and Steve will be surprised to know that we walked into the city centre along a public footpath through the woods and along the river! The dogs caused quite a stir with the Japanese tourists and had loads of photos taken. On Monday, we went to the City of Swansea Show which is a big two day event with the dog Show as one little part of it. We always enter as it is a great day out - but not this year.The weather was the complete opposite from the one in Northumberland- cold ,wet and windy.We were all squashed into a small Marquee with very small rings and the poles were shaking and the sides flapping. Ecco was in AVTNSC open and went on to win ANVT so we waited for the Group. They decided to do all Monday's Groups after Junior handling at one thirty. All the judges and committee went for lunch and we waited and waited with the wind increasing all the time. People brave enough to go outside in the rain came back and said that the Show was closing and everyone had to leave the ground as quickly as possible. No one in our Marquee believed them and one lady said that she wasn't leaving as she had won the Hound puppy group the day before and had raced back from Bath to take part in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show. With that THE HEALTH and SAFTY OFFICER arrived and ordered us all to evacuate immediately! He was the only person to remember we were there! The horses had gone ages before and the show ground was almost deserted. There was no tannoy system near to us so that we could hear announcements. So after two days of showing, there was no Monday Groups and no Best in Show but worst of all no sign of the Committee! Apparently, a little girl had been injured by fallen branches and the wind was approaching gale force so they had no option but to close everything down. Sorry I haven't got any photos but I this is a new computer and I need to practice. Hope to see some of you at Southern Counties and The MBT Champ Show.Enid
Thank you Enid, I think the Swansea show will be one you will never foget! It would have been great to of had a photo of a deserted show field except for one lady and her hound. I must say this story made me smile this morning.


Madeline said...

Hi Enid. What weather here in Swansea over the weekend, and again today. I have two very wet bedlies here. I was going to come along to the show on Monday, hoping to see you (remembering that first significant meeting that led to me getting Thandi!) but as the weather was so bad, had lunch at Patrick's with my cousin instead!

e.tuck said...

Hi Enid - glad you enjoyed your visit up north - the beaches and scenery are second to none (I,m biased of course)

It is always surprisng that in the 'land of the Bedlington' you see so few - We do that walk into Durham on occasion - and yes the tourist's always stop and talk - but what is more amusing are the locals who stop you and ask "what kind of dog is it"!.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

We were there about a month ago & thoroughly enjoyed our day in Durham.

matthew@seaofironbedlingtons said...

good report enid.