28 June 2008

Angel Feet

Mary Lou and Minnie the Minx at the
Angel Of The North

What an unusual statue Billy! Can anyone one up there in North tell us the history?


e.tuck said...

Lesley - It is an Antony Gormley sculpture.

There is a website dedicated to the Angel as it is it's tenth anniversary this year.

big mo said...

there is a new one now in Nottingham ,

Mary Lou said...

The Angel has got to be one of the most awesome sculptures I have ever seen. Here is this gigantic iron modern sculpture overlooking the valley blow, with all of the quaint Northern British historic architecture. I could not even imagine the awe of it until I walked up to the base of it. WOW! But, Billy & Diane showed me a wonderful time while I was there. That was only one of so many things I got to see and experience. It was definately a trip of a lifetime for me. Thank you Billy, Diane and all of you wonderful people over there in my Father's homeland. I can only say that I will try to show any of you the same gracious hospitality if you come to Florida.
Mary Lou, Billy Bob & all the Marikov Gang

big mo said...

That's nice.