29 July 2008

And now tonight's Midland report from Dora

I think I read that Tina was away so here is some news from the Midlands this week. The weather has been lovely, almost too hot to walk the dogs even in the early morning or evening but we got out every day. One day earlier on we had about a six mile walk along the old railway track which has been made into a walk. Plenty of seats to rest occasionally and plenty of 'dog loos' so it is really clean however it is still fairly rough country and not too 'spruced up'. Lucy and Ben had a good time exploring and meeting other doggy chums. Lucy and Ben are still the best of friends, they play together and wrestle with the same toy. In the above photo they are both trying to get into the same bed in the kitchen while I was getting their meal ready. I have just caught them in the act - tugging their blanket while my back was turned. The weather forecast says it is getting cooler so another long walk is on the way. Love from Dora Lucy and Ben
Thanks Dora it just fantastic that they have become such good friends and play and sleep together.We will look forward to hearing about what they get up to in next week's report. I just love Ben's ears, he is a real character


Tina W said...

Sounds like they are best of friends and definately keeping you fit with the long walks.

Donna said...

is the railway track now the cotham cycle track?

big mo said...

Dora that is such a lovely sight you must be so pleased, well done, they look such a happy pair,