30 July 2008

And we thought she was a Bedlington!

Just thought you may like to see this picture of Lenni, and we thought she was a bedlington not a Labrador like the Andrex puppy! The second photo is her having a rest after all that running around with toilet roll! could I also be a little cheeky and let everyone know that me and Dave will be doing the Great Yorkshire Run on sept 7th. We shall be donating all the money we make in sponsorship to the miscarriage association so if anyone has a spare £1 or £2 you can sponsor us herehttp://www.justgiving.com/traceybeadle I'm sure Lenni will be there to cheer us on! Thanks Tracey
Thank you Tracey, Lenni should audition for the Andrex commercial. I hope she did not chew the roll up into little pieces as it is hard to get up off the carpet! Good luck in the Great Yorkshire Run!


gwen said...

All my 3 used to attack the toilet roll.Drove me crackers,but we still love em.


Hello Folks

Nice to see Lenni is having fun causing mayhem, we are sure you will also be enjoying all her antics. See you at Cornforth on the 10th.

Derek & Eileen The Makems

Tina W said...

Don't they make you smile-hope it wasn't the last one!!

big mo said...

great snap , how far is the run you are doing?

milsdave said...

No it wasn’t the last one thank goodness!
The run is 10k so just over 6 miles. Im not exactly a size 8 either more like an 18 so its going to be hard dragging my self around the hills of Sheffield city centre, But its all for a good cause close to both our hearts.
Lenni really is keeping us busy she went to a puppy party last night at the vets. She loved meeting all the other dogs especially a German shepherd aptly named “bear”
Looking forward to Cornforth

liz said...

Great pictures. Pleased to see Lenni is keeping you out of mischief! Hector tries to do the same with kitchen rolls. Hope the run goes well.

Scotish-Davie said...

Great photo with the loo roll & Good luck on the run.
Best to try & slip into a rhythm & pace that your happy with right from the start & TRY to keep thinking about positive happy thoughts.