29 July 2008

Hector update

Just to let you know how Hector is getting on. First week was fairly non-stop and, as I was told, just like having a new baby in the house - non-stop action when he is awake and catching up on things you haven't done and getting ready for the next time he's awake! Anyway we seem to have settled into a routine a bit more this week. But I think I'll throw all my puppy books out - Hector obviously hasn't read them yet!! He's not that interested in food rewards a lot of the time, and he definitely doesn't want to go to the toilet within 3 minutes of waking! As for going in a chosen spot - can this really work or shall I give up now??? We're beginning to think we should have called him Stargazer - he just loves to lay in my arms and stretch his neck right back and gaze upwards. I never realized dogs could be so cuddly! Or so difficult to take a good photo of - my admiration for all those fantastic calendar photographers has gone up tremendously. Anyway here's our best two so far.
Lovely to see Hector again he has changed in just the short time he has been with you. Puppies are huge time wasters but enjoy him as he will grow up very quickly! Hector says puppy books, my mum does not need to read that rubbish! It is great to hear he is going on a puppy course and then hopefully he will work towards his Good Citizen tests. Your photography is fine, no excuses now for not sending us lots of updates.


Tina W said...

Hector you are just soooo cute!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Hiya Hector, your looking cool!

Have you destroyed the garden yet!!!


Hello Liz

Good to see Hector is growing up to be a handsome boy. Perhaps see you all at Thorpe Willoughby on Saturday. We are taking one of Hector's brothers there as we are looking after him for a week.

Eileen & Derek, The Makems

Marie said...

Such a cute boy couldnt possibly get up to mischief :-)

victoria said...

hi hector,you look just like jack as a puppy!

liz said...

Garden still in one piece at the moment though Hector is a dab hand at emptying flower pots!

Sadly we won't get to Thorpe Willoughby on Saturday as Hector has his second vaccination (he was very sleepy after the first) and we have family visiting from Essex.

Beverley Parker said...


Gosh we can relate to you!

We have had Stanley's company for 3 weeks today (I think....) He is 12 weeks old and just the same as Hector. We are absolutely besotted with our boy!

You don't mention the poos (sorry to mention the word) Does Hector do a crazy spin? We have a border collie who is totally bemused by it.

Also, we made a dreadful mistake (I hope Norman and Sharon aren't reading this)...Stanley has been sleeping in our four poster and has managed to work this into his little routine, so that he is always there around about 11 o'clock.

Would be interesting to swap stories!