29 July 2008

Jane's Jottings
The Ruffsfurze gang!
I recon they are game for a bit of lure coursing!
Welcome to Jane's Jottings your replacement to Tina Time for one week only. After a drop of rain and a rumble of thunder things are considerably cooler here in the Midlands this morning. It will certainly make dog walking a little more pleasurable today as its been a very sticky affair of late. Some of the hazards of long hot dry spells, depending on where you walk your dogs are coats full of grass seeds, those horrible little sticky bobble things, allergies, hot spots and the dreaded harvest mites! If you have been lucky enough to avoid these blood sucking little horrors here's what look out for, generally picked after a long hot dry spell in long grass they can be found on the feet and ears. They are tiny yellowy orange mites just visible, depending on how good your eyesight is, that cause intense itching. A pinch of Thornit powder keeps them at bay or a spray of pump action Frontline if they have already been infested.
Well what a day we had on Sunday at the Leeds Championship show! Maya our youngest took her first C.C. at just 15 months from junior. We were sooooo proud! A huge well done to all the other winners especially to Sarah and Lily for picking up a first and well deserved Res.C.C. It was very hot, which doesn't,t make showing easy and with no air conditioning it was a long hot drive home. Still off back up north on Saturday for the National Bedlington Champ show at Thorpe Willoughby, which I'm sure will be an enjoyable, well run show as always. So I look forward to seeing all of you who plan on being there.
The C.L.A. game fair looked enormous fun and certainly one to try and catch next year. Let's hope the bedlingtons will be back by popular demand. Well that's all for now. Good luck to all at the National on Saturday and East of England L.K.S. on Sunday, or whatever you may be up to. Just keep enjoying those super, woolly dogs we love so much.
Jane xxx
Thank you Jane. We say hello to the first of new Tuesday reporters filling in for Tina, I have persuaded Jane to write for three weeks and she will be supported by Dora with reports on her two rescue bedlingtons Lucy and Ben. Tune in later for Dora's report. I would like to thank Dora and Jane keeping the Tuesday Midlands News running out while Tina is off on her fishing holiday.


Tina W said...

Thanks Jane-good advice about the pesky harvest mite and again well done for Sunday.

Donna said...

my lot get those harvest mites every year without fail.

well done for mayas ist cc!

big mo said...

are these mites yellow or red.?

Donna said...

i find they look like a fine dusting of red powder