29 July 2008

Poor Millie feeling the heat last Saturday

Here is a guessing game when do you think Millie will whelp? Millie has been scanned and is supposedly carrying 5 pups, she had two matings 7 days apart. 62 days will be on Friday from the first mating. No prizes, this is just for fun. Please say day and time and will see who can get the closest.

If you would like further information on the litter or would like to add your name to Sandra's puppy list please email me, all these Gnejnaybay pups will be liver.


stu said...

Could be Liver & Tan!

Tina W said...

Sunday night-monday morning,whelping will start around 11pm.

k9 said...

I feel so sorry for her, the sooner the better, i bet she thinks if he wants any more he can have them himself!

Lorraine said...

Tuesday 5th, and I think she'll have three boys and two girls.

Good luck, little Millie! :)


Lorraine said...

Whoops, forgot to guess a time- 3.27am is my guess!