29 July 2008

Tuesday and Tina Time in the Midlands

Sylvia Morrice at the Leeds Championship show, can anyone tell us what she is holding? Is it a hanging basket bracket?

Hi all, glorious weather at the moment and of course we're moaning that it's too hot,I think it's because it wasn't a gradual warming up but a case of getting up and the sun was scorching, fingers crossed it's here to stay! Just a quick reminder that the MBTC Open show on the 27th September judge Mrs Linda Gent-entries close Saturday 9th August-anyone without a schedule wishing to attend can contact Dorothy Owen on 0115 9816018 ,if you're coming along to watch and are bringing your pet dog please be aware that you must enter them not for competition or else they will not be allowed into the show. It's all systems go at the weekend ,showing on Saturday at Selby, back home for a few hours sleep and then driving through the night to Devon for the start of our fishing holiday, the dogs already know they're going on their hols as they have watched with interest everything going into the caravan so they get excited and get under my feet something terrible,I wonder if they're afraid I might forget to pack them! That's all for the next few weeks-please send Lesley lots of things for the blog as me, Big Mo and Stu will be unavailable!!
Thank you Tina have a great time away and keep us informed who is winning in the fishing competition. Good luck on Saturday and have a safe journey down to devon. Paula is kindly going to write for Big Mo in Wales while she is away and hopefully Dora will fill in for you in the Midlands. If you live in the south and would like write a short report on a Friday for London and the Home counites while Stuart is fishing just let me know.


Tina W said...

Yes Sylvia was selling hanging basket brackets-I suppose you don't have to hang flowers on them.

Tina W said...

You could get your affix made into a sign and hang that from them.

Tina W said...

Thanks Dora for helping out and I have asked Jane Graham to write something for you Lesley.

Lesley R Caines said...

Thanks Tina
I have a report from Jane and Dora to go on later, hopefully they will write for the three weeks while you are away!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Sylvia is selling the brackets for £20, with the profit from the proceeds going towards Bedlington Rescue.

A well deserved cause!

They can be used for numerous tasks, including hanging baskets, bird tables, house names, affix, etc.

Order now.

stu said...

Where did Sylvia get the profile? I think I recognise it.

Are they strong enough for hanging judges?

Nina said...

Where can we order these, and will you ship to Norway?

Tina W said...

There's a few who need it!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

drop a mail to Sylvia for any orders: