30 September 2008

Briagha and Cody
We are all wishing Briagha the best of luck today as she is going to the vets to be spayed. Marie will give us a update later.


Marie said...

She is out of surgery and feeling a bit sorry for herself as you would expect.
I'm picking her up at 6pm.

e.tuck said...

Get well soon Briagha - hope you're dashing about soon!

Lily & Mac

Marie said...

Thanks Elaine.
How's Lily, are you planning on breeding/showing her?
Anija started her first season recently, so I decided to get Briagha done before hers.

Sue and Liza said...

Dear Briagha
I hope you soon feel better. I just had my op a few weeks ago, and I milked it for all it was worth when I got home, so I suggest you do too!! You'll be surprised how guilty your mum will feel for making you so miserable having to wear one of those silly lampshades, even though she knows it's for the best, so you could get all sorts of treats as a result!
Get well soon,
love from Millie xx

e.tuck said...

Hi Millie- glad you are feeling better - we still owe you some park photo's -Ern will drop them in later in the week.

Marie Lily has come into season and is feeling very sorry for herself. We haven't decided yet about breeding -vague thoughtthat we might have one litter before getting her spayed - but after this week (managing a dog and a bitch in the same house) I may be having second thoughts.

Trish said...

Get better soon, Little Lady, your Mum will take good care of you and you will be chasing Cody about in no time. My Amelia will be a year old on 2 Oct. and has yet to come into season. I will let her cycle through one season and then have her spayed....her sister were 13 & 15 months when they first came into season.

Marie said...

Wow, it seems like I got Briagha done just in time.
Saved a whole lot of hassle.
Also wanted her fit and well before I go away at Christmas as both dogs will be kennelled then.

Marie said...

Glad to hear you're fit again Millie.

Trish, I was hoping to wait til after her season, but seemingly you dont have to now.
Glad to get it out of the way, as I had lots of hassle with my dalmatian and false pregnancy etc before she was done.

Trish said...

One of my girls came into season right at Christmas or a few days before. It was Greyson I believe. We had plans to visit family that had to be postphoned because alot of people aren't as tolerant about have dogs in season in their house....can you beleive it!! Actually it worked out well, because they were people I wasn't crazy about spending time with anyway & it was a perfect excuse!

Marie said...

Briagha is home, livelier than I expected her to be!
No collar from the vet..they dont normally need one apparently!! Even though I reminded them that Cody had no stitches left by day three.
Now to keep her from running around for the next week...and to keep both of them away from her stitches.
Oh happy days! lol

Lesley R Caines said...

Pleased Briagha is home and not feeling sorry for herself, I think you are going to need eyes in the back of your head to make sure they don't play too hard for a while.
Good Luck!

gwen said...

We hope you are back to your old self soon. Lots of love from Scamp, Candy & Misty.

julie o said...

get well soon love whisper and piper

mel said...

hope things get better quickly so you can get back to playing hard! loki!xxx

Donna said...

get well soon briagha im sure you will be running round in the morning!