26 September 2008

Friday and we hear from Stu

Friday again already and we've had Genie, the pup, for five days. She has settled in quickly and fitted in so easily with the rest of the pack that it seems she has been with us for ever. She is a real comedienne, barking in the ears of the older dogs while they are sleeping and then scampering off with her tail between her legs before they realise what's happening. Her favourite trick is pulling on the telephone cable while you're making a call.
It's been four years since we've had a pup in the house and we've had to start thinking again about leaving things lying around at "pup" level or below. How soon we forget. She's such a cutie I'm surprised that the rest of her litter have not been snapped up weeks ago. I'm picking up some pictures tonight so I'll send them to Les if they're any good.
I got a bit ahead of myself last week so I'll once again wish everyone good luck at The Midland tomorrow. I've always enjoyed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the Midland shows and, win or lose, always come away feeling I've had a good day. I know there are going to be some novices there so, you old hands, give them some encouragement and a little tuition if you see them struggling. (It also gives the nosy ones amongst us a chance to check out their dogs) You can always stop helping when they start beating you. I know we appreciated it when we started out. So often people give up showing before they've really started because they don't feel welcome. I'm pleased to say that that happens very rarely in the Bedlington World.
Back to work now.
Thank you Stu, and as you say we must help and encourage all novices, the breed needs new enthusiasts if it is to grow and flourish!!! The Midland is a great show and hopefully we will be there to take photos, it will be a fun day, I really love the breed open shows as they always so relaxed and friendly.
We will all be looking forward to seeing Genie photos, her mother is very extrovert and lively to the fact I have and started agility training Millie, she is one Bedlington who may just have the temperament and drive to make a competition prospect!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Good luck to one & all!

Unfortunately we will not be in attendance this time (we need a weekend off). First time weve missed for a couple of years.

billy said...

good to hear genie getting on with your pack,how is maurice takeing to the little devil

stu said...

He's really funny with her. She bullies him rotten and he walks around her on tiptoe, trying not to tread on her, like she's a dog mess. He jumps away from her as soon as she touches him. Quite a double act.