29 October 2008

BTA Calendars available at the CT seminar on Sunday
Just to inform you Judy Thompson has had permission to bring calendars to the seminar on Sunday. They don't have to be pre-ordered. I know there are a few from the North East attending the seminar. If you haven't already got yours maybe you could ask someone to collect one for you and save on postage. I have been informed the calendars are selling well with enquiries from overseas. There has been a lot of news about rescue recently and remember all the proceeds will be going to rescue and welfare.


Sarah and Tony said...

Please put aside a calendar for me on Sunday. I'm looking forward to an interesting day and also meeting a few people from the blog. If the Derwentside Bedlingtons would like to come round and play in our big field in the next few weeks, and we can have coffee and cake, I'll pass on what I have learned?

Sue and Liza said...

Sounds like a great idea Sarah - we're definitely up for that!

e.tuck said...

That would be great - disappointed I can't go.
Have e mailed Mark with a question or two to ask too.
Good luck to all attending - hope you have a fruitful day.