31 October 2008

Good morning, and it is a Halloween so lets get in the mood for those ghouls and ghosties

Thought that you my like to see the boys costumes this year for Halloween. Jack it the skunk and Tommy the pumpkin. As you can see they weren't really to happy with me, that day.
Vicki & The Boys From Bedlingtowne
Thanks Vicki, I wonder what they are thinking? I like the skunk outfit it tones in well with the blue coat of Jack. If anyone else has some Halloween photos do share them with us.

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And on the link humor.beecy.net/animals/halloween-dogs/index.aspx?n=7


big mo said...

Love the skunk!!!

big mo said...

Also I love the glasses that did not cost much to make.

billy said...

that Badger outfit is great