30 October 2008

Good Morning bloggers Thursday and we tune in to Julie with the North East Natter

Morning from the north well the hats and gloves are out and do we need them well peace has ascended back on the Oxbury,Tonner house hold as Piper is coming out of season at long last and Whisper has gone back to being my laid back lad.
In the Northeast we had some great news on Monday with Mark's new pups been born. Well done to M who Mark informed me is being a good mum. Ringcraft on Tuesday and the terrier corner is getting bigger with 3 bedlingtons and Heidi and a new Norfolk Terrier who is cute. We are taking the place over which is all good. I don't know of any shows this weekend but safe journey to all traveling to the CT seminar wish I could make it but working 6 days this week. How did i let myself in for that one? Can i just say get well soon to Molly who was spayed today leave them stitches alone the knickers are on the way! great news Stu on the new job hope your training goes well
well that is all from me Julie x
Thanks Julie pleased you are fit and well and the house is getting back to normal with Piper. I don't know of any shows other than young Victoria is entered in AVNSC at a local show on Sunday, good luck to her Jack Bojangles.


big mo said...

Yes it is great when the seasons are finished, you think to yourself thank goodness for that.

Donna said...

julie your dogs always look so clean

Tina W said...

Don't work too hard LOL!!!