31 October 2008

We have a new junior handler in training, hopefully we will see little Jevon in the ring in the not to distant furture!

The puppy is a Mollora, her pet name is Poppy, but I can’t think what her proper title is. She now has a new owner, I borrowed her for the day, because Jevon, my grandson loves dogs, particularly my old boy, Bergy, who will put up with him for a little while, but soon gets cheesed off, So every now and again I borrow one! I am hoping with the right encouragement Jevon will become a Junior Handler!!!
Kind Regards Carol
Many thanks to Carol Newton for these lovely photos, Jevon seems to be enjoying all the attention from Poppy, there is nothing more cute than puppy and toddler photos.

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big mo said...

This is a lovely snap good for puppy and boy.