14 November 2008

Another contender for our Bedlington agility team, this time we have a photo of Alfie in training this week! Alfie is big brother to Molly who has just had her first birthday.
I will let you all into a little secret and that is there is going to be a Midland Bedlington Terrier Club fun day next spring at Brailes, dates for your diary to be published soon.
We have enough Bedlingtons in training now to hold a proper agility competition at the Fun day.
And afterwards there will be a chance for everyone else have ago with their dogs!
Many thanks to Jannine for sending us the photo.


julie o said...

great photo hello alfie

Tina W said...

Ii can feel a fishing trip coming on!!

big mo said...

Yes I think so Tina, this dog is flying.