17 November 2008

David Bruce Bruce visits an old time bedlington man
The painting is owned by an old time Bedlington man called Stuart Staley, and the pic is of his old dog Rambo. Not sure who the artist is though. I went to visit Stuart last week as he is very ill. I couldn't believe the amount of Bedlington paraphernalia he had in his house.
What a fantastic painting David, I would love to meet Stuart and see all his bedlington paraphernalia, I bet he has some fantastic stories to tell! I wonder if anyone else knows Stuart? I am sorry to hear he is poorly do hope he feels better soon


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It would appear that the painting is by Phil Worsdale.

He has produced several paintings of bedlingtons & copies of his works are readily available as prints & printed onto memorabilia, cups, saucers, etc.

Should be worth a bit if it is an original.

see link:


Donna said...

i have read about him recently in the bedlington terrier year book,
thats a lovely picture

big mo said...

David can you take some more pictures of his collection I am sure it would be great, and wish him well from all of us on the blog

David Bruce said...

Stuart lives in Stoke - so that link would make sense. The painting is an original - His dog Rambo is the subject matter.

Mo, this guy has a nice collection of bedlington related pottery, plates etc too, I'll try to get some pics

big mo said...

Thanks that would me great to see, how old is he

David Bruce said...

60 ish I would guess.