11 November 2008

Good morning and we tune in today with the Midland Musings from our reporter Jane Graham

Hi one and all. For those that didn't, know, I was the judge on Sunday at the Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire. For any of you who have shown their dog and found it a nerve wracking experience , I can assure you it is as nothing to the terror felt when standing in the centre of the ring! How anyone handles being a Best of Breed judge at Crufts is beyond me.
Travelling back from Doncaster the weather was fine until we reached Wolverhampton. Suddenly the roads became waterlogged and driving hazardous, needless to say that didn't mean our gang weren't, chomping at the bit to go for a walk once we were home. Trevor thankfully drew the short straw and duly did the tour of duty. For dogs that seem to detest the rain so very much it didn't stop them having a jolly good time.
All our dogs bar Nesta are totally oblivious to the bangs and cracks of fireworks. Nesta however finds them quite distressing. I came home from work on Friday to find Trevor in the bath and Nesta though not actually in the water as close to him as she could get! Delphi,(bless her!) our old girl is as deaf as a post and will stand and watch the spectacle in the sky, I think she imagines it has been specially arranged for her.
We have a busy week ahead as none of our pack have had a good haircut since our break to Egypt a fortnight ago. It's a lot of hard work but very satisfying to see them all smart and tidy, even though it only lasts as long as the next walk.
Best wishes to you all and till next month, good luck with whatever you may do.
Jane xxx
Thank you Jane, it must have been very difficult judging big classes but fantastic to see a relative new comer to the breed getting to grips with the grooming, training and winning Best of Breed in strong company. I expect Julie is still walking round with a huge smile on her face.


big mo said...

Glad you enjoyed your day when are you judging again.?

Donna said...

my dogs have always slept through fireworks. rain rain rain here

Tina W said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Egypt and of course Sunday-dry but windy here at the moment.

gwen said...

Where did you go in Egypt Jane?. We went on a cruise down the river Nile in September. It was fantastic.

J&T said...

No more appointments as yet Mo. Come to think of it I need to recover from this one first! Yes Gwen we also did a Nile cruise.It was for Trevors 50th birthday and we had a wonderful time. Sadly I came home with the curse of the pharohs which was a shame but it hasn,t put me off and I,d love to do it again!
Jane xxx

gwen said...

Glad you enjoyed it,Its an amazing country. We are definatley going to do it again.

Donna said...

gosh trevor looks younger than 50!

Lesley R Caines said...

It must be all the physical outdoor work that keeps him so young looking and trim.
Trevor is a good advet for how to reamain slim and fit If weight watchers doesn't work take up gardening