10 November 2008

How do we stop dog attacks?

Dog attacks are on the rise. Hospitals say they've seen a significant increase in the number of attacks and the Metropolitan Police report they are called out to deal with dangerous dogs more often. So what can be done to deal with the danger?

From tonights "One Show"

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Thanks to Big Mo who watched the programme and contacted me.


big mo said...

I do think dogs should be on leads as I have had a few bad experiences so I hate to see dogs of leads,

Tina W said...

I think that the Scandinavian and American way is a good idea-then people could let their dogs off in dog parks if they wanted to-if you want to walk your dog through the woods,fields etc you could use a really long training lead.

J&T said...

Sorry Mo but if I had to keep my dogs on leads the day would have arrived I no longer want to be a dog owner. Just seeing my dogs roaring around enjoying their freedom and allowing them to enjoy unbridled extacy is the joy of dog ownership to me. Yes their are perils and hazards but life is full of them.
Jane xxx

ed and rebecca said...

It would break my heart if we could never see Ralphie running again. We don't have a massive garden and he LOVES to run. It would be such an awful response if they punished all of us for a few peoples actions.

Donna said...

i walk my dogs half on half off lead,i dont let mine run loose with strange dogs youre just asking for trouble. its wrong to pick out certain breeds, all dogs can bite its down to the owners.