24 November 2008

Monday and we hear from our Junior handler Victoria

on Monday Jack was very good, he did an excellent heel and a great recall. His stay was OK but he saw my Dad and wanted to go to him.
At agility Jack wasn't very enthusiastic, he only walked round the course and kept walking off. When we finished the second to last course,the instructor, Linda held him until my next go (so he would want to be with me and do as he was told) it worked really well and he ran the course really fast. Linda told me to go jogging with Jack to get him used to running with me. Sadly I got tonsillitis before I even started going out with Jack.
Jack hasn't been clipped for a while but looks really cute and fluffy.We are not going to clip him until our next show which is possibly the LKA (we might not be able to go as my mum has another operation around that time) Good luck with any shows ,
love Victoria and Jack Bojangles
Thank you Victoria, rule number one in agility is the dog must see the exercise as a fun game other wise they just lose concentration. For training with Parker I have a squeaky toy, before we start I show him the toy squeak it once, run the course and at the end throw it for him. You could just use a tug toy as long as you play after you finish the exercise. He has to see the whole thing as being a game with play at the end. To help motivation you need a special toy that only comes out at agility training.
Hope you are feeling better Victoria and Linda's jogging idea would certainly be good as he would learn to run with you, I would still have a toy in your pocket to help keep concentration as he may lose interest and wonder off for a sniff or to visit the nearest tree. Best of luck to Mum for her operation and we hope that you can still make LKA.


big mo said...

Good luck to your mum lets hope she is fine for xmas,, youseem to be getting the hang of this dogy training, well done.

patricia said...

Hi Victoria, Hope your tonsils are nearly better, let me know if you want me to look after jack again. love to all, jack looks great, leo and larry and sooooo woolley.

enid said...

I'm really impressed with your training. Well done.
Good luck to Mum for her other operation.

Nina said...

Don`t give up, Victoria! Male dogs can be a bit harder to train.
A tip that has worked for me:
Find a favourite toy, and let the toy "live" on a shelf. Show it to Jack during the day, but don`t let him get it else when he has deserved it.
I have to keep Ken out of playing during the day before we train agility. Let him have a boring day, and when he is going out with you, that`s the treat together with the toy.
Ken`s toy got a name, and when the named is said, he certainly knows where it lives!
Good luck ;0)

Tina W said...

You stick at it Victoria you're doing great-sorry to hear you've tonsilitis.it can be very painful and hope all goes well with your mums op.

Donna said...

thats a nice piccy of jack,hope to meet you at lka

victoria said...

thank you for all your comments and advice.