17 November 2008

Monday and we say hello to Jack and Victoria

On Monday at obedience Jack was not behaving that well. He followed me on the stay, had to be held on the off lead on recall and pulled away from me on the heel. A photographer came to take photos of our dogs. We will receive the photo in a few weeks time.
It has been very busy this week as my mum has had cataract surgery in her left eye in London. She can see much better now and says that Jack is much lighter now than before!
At agility Jack was the total opposite than at obedience. He loves going up the dog walk and A frame and goes through the tunnel really quickly. Jack has now learnt to go through the tyre. He did it excellently and we both had lots of fun. I can't wait for the fun day with the agility contest!
on Sunday it was Jack's 2nd birthday. We celebrated it with a big pork pie. In two years that we have had jack we have met so many lovely people who have helped us with showing and obedience. Happy birthday to Jazz and all the other litter brothers. I don't know if it is just Jack but lots of bedlington seem to like pork pies.
Good luck to all those with puppies and those in shows
lots of love Victoria and jack Bojangles xx
Poor Tracey having to have a cataract removed but pleased she can now see much better. Tracey can now go on the (the blog cataract removed list) with Elwyn as he is having his second one removed soon.
Well it looks like Jack is following in the great family tradition and going to be a good agility dog. They do love it as it makes such a change from the obedience and show ring!
A very happy birthday yesterday to Jack Bojangles, Bow Wow Bentley and Jazz.


mel said...

Happy birthday jack and the boys from loki!!!weldone with your agility victoria!

enid said...

Happy birthdy, Jack,
Love from Larry, Ecco and Fizz
Nice to see you've joined the pork pie club!
It's Fizz's birthday next and she wants a huge pie like Jacks'.
So pleased that Mum's eye operation went OK.

J&T said...

Happy Birthday Jack and keep enjoying the agility. Glad to hear your mum is doing well. It,s our Nestas 8th Birthday soon wonder if she would like a pork pie?
Jane xxx

big mo said...

Happy birthday to you all, good job these birthday's are just once a year cos pork pies will make you fat.

patricia said...

Happy birthday little Jack, I shall look forward to babysitting you when mummy has her next operation. love auntie pat and larrydog

Donna said...

happy birthday jack,hope you saved a piece of pork pie for victoria

Tina W said...

Happy birthday Jack,glad you're doing well at agility and that your mum is on the mend.