24 November 2008

More fantastic collectable china

More fantastic bedlington china, this time a plate owned by Tony and Sandra Waller. This plate was given to Tony by a friend who came across it in an antique shop. All Tony knows is that it was made at a Honiton pottery in Devon. I can see it is signed maybe we can trace the artist.
If anyone else has unusual Bedlington pieces do photo them and send them in.


big mo said...

That is an unusual colour, can you make out the signature?

Tina W said...

That's a nice plate-I like the muted tones.

tony waller said...

The signature looks like Jane Faber, impressed on the back of the plate is HONITON ENGLAND CO3.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Nowt much on the web for that lady, however found a similar plate of a sheltie, see link.