20 November 2008

North East News

Julie had sent the report and its lost somewhere in cyberspace so I've sent you a simlar copy!!
Well I'm afraid this week there's no Julie as shes taken ill again so your stuck with me, don't worry she's ok just feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm sure you will all join me in saying a big get well soon to her!!!
This week has been a good week for me Tuesday night was ringcraft and match night, There was a buffet and cake and to top it all off Loki won Best in Match, so I was very happy and Loki got a big bone as treat! It was a great attendance with approx 15 dogs there, Mark and Julie both did well 'T' getting a second in the puppy class and Piper getting through to the finals! So a good night had by all! Then we had a trip to the vets Wednesday as we thought Loki had stood on some glass and after a anti- filamentary injection seems fine this morning so I've been lucky (was dreading hundreds of pounds in vets bills!!!!!) I have been throwing out my settee and chairs as we were getting new and the dogs have been fighting over which of them could get on them quickest, of course my greyhounds won and I couldn't get them in at bed time, it was freezing cold and there hair was sticking up all along their back but still they wouldn't budge!!!! Loki being the littlest managed to squeeze between the greyhounds and keep warm having his own furry electric bl anklets! Marks pups are coming on well getting bigger by the day we so pleased 'M' is a good mum, Can't wait to go and have a peak in a few weeks. Good luck to anyone showing this weekend, we are at Ashington on Saturday so we will keep you posted on how things go. I'm showing now every weekend till Xmas so will be busy busy!!! The pics I've sent are Loki and his rosette, and my greyhounds squeezed on the old chairs!
We will all be so sorry to hear that Julie is not well, all our love goes to her! Get well soon Julie and keep smiling! Well done to Loki you must be really pleased and Loki really pleased to be awarded a nice juicy bone for his efforts. I love the chairs in the garden ideal as they will wash down easily, the greyhounds look totally at home in their new garden furniture. Good luck to everyone at Ashington this weekend and we will look forward to hearing all about it, where are you next weekend? I don't have the show on our list.


mel said...

Next weeks show is cleveland at Eston middlesbrough! thats sunday 30th.

big mo said...

Get well Julie your dogs know when they are well of.