19 November 2008

Puppy Farm exposed
There are a number of disreputable dog breeders out there who are in the business just for the money.
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Thinking of buying a bedlington puppy?
The RSPCA gives the following advice:
Insist on seeing the puppy with its mother where it was raised
Never buy from an unlicensed breeding establishment
If unsure, ask to see the breeder's licence
Avoid adverts offering lots of different breeds for sale
Never buy a pup sold straight from a car boot or at an open-air event like a market
The Kennel Club add:
Always buy from reputable breeders - contact the Kennel Club for breeder details
Never buy if you feel sorry for it - they can invariably be ill
Try and leave the breeder and then report the breeder to local authority or RSPCA
Dog should ideally be raised in home - assess the state of house
The mother should be on site - ideally the father too


Tina W said...

Thinks like this always make me mad and sick to the pit of my stomach.

Sally said...

One of the rescue sites I go on rescue many dogs from these kind of people- the work they do is amazing but their site always makes me feel so sad - they are called 'Many Tears'


Donna said...

yes sally ive seen that,theres also a good site called puppy alert, they have a long list of superstores on there its quite shocking

Sally said...

Here is a link to Many Tears; http://www.freewebs.com/manytearsrescue/


will also have a look on puppy alert thanks Donna