10 November 2008

Report from Ed and Becs who helped to fly the Bedlington flag at this weekend's Discover Dogs

We went to Discover Dogs on Saturday. The Bedlington stand was as popular as ever. Chris Harris and team did a great job.
The dogs on display on Saturday were Ralphie, his brother Cody, Tilly, Summer and Gusto. They took it in turns to work the crowd!
Ralphie enjoyed the stands too, many of them were offering free samples! The doggy muffins went down particularly well as you can see from the photo! Gusto even got to do a piece to camera for a Sky channel, but he did have to dress in a glow in the dark outfit to do it!
We had a visit from a pretty brown bedlington cross, they don't know who her dad was. Several people said they had bedlington whippets , including one that's doing really well at agility. You'll have to look out for that one Lesley!
Needless to say Ralphie slept all the way home.
Love from Rebecca, Ed and Ralphie x

Well done to the BTA headed by Chris Harris and her team of volunteers.


big mo said...

well done to all you look as though you had a great time hard work i bet.

Tina W said...

Crickey it looks as though it was a busy time-no wonder the dogs were tired with all the fuss they had -bet you were shattered too.

Donna said...

looks a great day out,just a bit to far for me

gwen said...

Looks a great day out. Bit far for me too.