16 November 2008

Sunday and we hear from Tricia on Oracke Isalnd in the USA
This week has been quite a weather mixture here....either it is warm and humid and pouring rain or sunny and windy and cold...I think since last week we have had about 14 inches of rain. The road here look like canals and Wellies are the footwear of the day. Of course the girls HATE the rain, especially Willo. Poor Storey. because she has no coat gets soaked to the skin before we are down the steps to the yard. This week Storey has made progress....she was being crated at night, right next to the dog bed and I have been thinking about leaving her out for the night to sleep with the other girls, but was sure if I was ready to do it just yet. The other night when I went back to bed, there were all 5 of them curled up together sleeping. Well, I didn't have the heart to move her into her crate, so she spent her first night on the "big bed". I have very stricked rules for the dogs at night....once we go to bed, we are in bed. There is now wondering the bedroom, or leaving the room. If I get up at night there is no following me or getting off the dog bed. I am happy to say Storey passed with flying colors! She did so good & and I am sure it is because the others know how it is done and she follows them, so no more crate for her at night. I am very proud of her. We also have been doing "dog maintenance" so I put Storey on the grooming table & she has enough coat to barely brush it forward...but enough growth on her head to put on some bedlington lines and start some tassels on her ears (they are VERY little) It will be awhile before she has a topknot. I evened up her legs as at the rescue she was shaved down. She had her ears plucked and the pads between her paws clipped. When I got her down she must have though she was going into the show ring because she started prancing around the room. I think she felt very good. I am always amazed at how well & how quickly the other dogs accept a new one. I have found them curled up on one of the many smaller dogs beds around the house with her....today for the first time all 5 of them were playing "keep away" with one of the stuffed toys....before this they would play one on one, so this was good to see.....all 5 playing with tails at "half mast" as I call it, where there is no dominate stance from anyone. Any play would have immediately been stopped if a tail went up! She is doing so well surrounded by 4 of the best teachers in the world....Rose, Grey, Willo and Amelia..I am very proud of them too for the way they have also taken her in. If the rain and the water ever go away I hope to get them waking again. I hope this isn't going to be one of those wet winters.....so far if feels like it. It is supposed to turn unseasonably cold this week end, although sunny. I am solar powered, so I need the sunshine to get me going..so please no more rain....Hope everyone is dry over there although it seem you have had your share of rain too. Until next week...tootles from me and the Woofs in Foggy Ocracoke...USA
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
It is so nice to hear Storey is now a well and truly accepted member of your bedlington family, I expect it will take quite a few months before her topnot and tassels get to a good length, those don't matter, in the end Storey is a happy little bedlington. Maybe one day we can have a photo.


e.tuck said...

Clear blue sky over the pond Trish - great day for photography Marie.

Good to hear Storey has settled so well.

big mo said...

Things are looking good for Storey and great to see your dogs are playing ball with her.

Trish said...

Lesley, a new camera is on my list to buy. The one I have the viewing screen has gone blank...so hopfully with some good sales around the holidays I will be getting a new camera. Then I will flood you with piccys. Every time I think I am going to buy one, another expense gets in the way.

julie o said...

storey sound like she is becoming part of the family you sould be so proud of yourself and the dogs i know what is like to take on a resue and you are doing a great job keep us updated julie x

Trish said...

I just read my report & I need to proof read better!! I realy do speak proper english.

mel said...

congrats on getting the dogs all settlted together so quick thats something to be proud of! hope the sun shines for all of us!!!!