23 November 2008

Sunday and we hear from Trish with her letter from America
It has gotten very cold here in Ocracoke.....32F last night which is way too cold for this time of year and snowflakes flying in the air yesterday. Normally it is about 70F at this time of the year, and snow is unheard of. I hope this doesn't indicate a long COLD winter. Usually we get 2 weeks of really cold weather at the end of January......then by mid February the flowers start to bloom. The dogs have become couch potatoes, they are not much into cold weather either, especially Storey, who still have very little coat.....but it is growing! I added Missing Link to their diets, Mary Lou said it would grow hair on a cue ball! So I expect coat very soon! Storey's hair on her head, although very short, is very think and wavy. She is doing so well & I have to credit the other 4, they are such good teachers. Wednesday was "VEt Day" at my house. The vet comes and we turn my house into a vet clinic for the day. I left Storey out to see how she would do with all the people coming and going. She doesn't get to see too many people, just because there is no one here this time of year.....she was so calm, so friendly and everyone fell in love with her. After she was tired of meeting people she went into the kitchen to lay on the rug in the sun. Everyone was amazed at how well adjusted she is considering where she came from. Although more than one person asked me if I lost my mind adding a 5th dog!! I think they already know the answer to that!
It is very cold here too Trish with snow and sleet showers today, winter has arrived! But it will warm all our hearts to hear that Storey is just one of the girls. I think she is definitely going to be a real favourite with the Islanders. Hopefully it won't be too long before you get your new camera and we can get to meet all of your bedlington family.


big mo said...

Well things are looking great for Storey she must be so happy, this has turned into a great story.

e.tuck said...

The vet clinic sounds facinating - do many attend? What happens if a local pet needs minor surgery etc etc

Trish said...

I am over run with people and pets on vet day...We hasve so many people, that often times we can't see them all. Minor surgery, like cat neuters and such that they feel comfortable happen right here. Of course invasive surgery has to be done at their clinic. I have been doing this for 14 years and have learned so much. I am so lucky to have 2 of the best vets in the world....they are a husband and wife team & I have never seen 2 people that love animals more.