27 November 2008

Thursday and what has been happening in the North East? Well Whisper and Piper are reporting for the blog today

M's puppies looking so content with mum, thanks to Mark for the latest photos.

Now where is the spell checker ?

Good morning from the north east as mum is taking it easy myself Piper and Whisper are going to write the blog this week. First of all mum wants to say thank you to everyone for the well wishes and she is feeling better everyday which is good for us as back to normal walks and she better be OK for Sunday as we are showing at Cleveland show. We had a great time at the weekend there was white stuff everywhere which was great to eat but it didn't last long. For ringcraft on Tuesday Mel and Tracey came and picked us up to get mum out of the house. We had a great time with Tracey looking after me and Mel looking after Whisper. With us was Mark's T, Loki and Scooby all having a good time and coming on very well. Time to go as Dad is taking us for a walk, good luck to everyone that is showing this weekend hope to see some of you at Cleveland show
love Piper and Whisper x


Tina W said...

Glad you're feeling better and able to get out and about-kidney stones are really painful.Good luck for the show at the weekend.

Donna said...

youre ringcraft sounds a nice one,good luck at the show

big mo said...

Famous last words,, do not over do it, take care,

Jannine said...

Hello dal(!) glad you're feeling better, Alfie & Molly are looking forward to their email from Piper LOL