25 November 2008

Tuesday and time to hear from one of our new Midland reporters 'Sal'. We welcome Digger and Drew to the world of bedlingtonpictures
Here is a picture of our old man “Diggin’” Beldlington Pictures!

Hi All – I am here to introduce my 15 year old beddie – Digger. Digger is my second rescue dog but my first bedlington. I originally adopted my first rescue Drew as a 9 year old whippet from a greyhound and lurcher rescue almost 4 years ago. Drew was given up as being ‘snappy’ around children and so came to live here with us after I fell in love with him as a web site picture!!.. Following our home check we were passed and I drove up to Manchester to meet him – we bonded IMMEDIATELY which I had not been expecting and its been that way ever since.. He is my soul dog. Digger came a year later – I had begun to volunteer for the rescue and helped out on their website and had heard of a saluki cross lurcher coming in to rescue – my parents were looking for a second dog so I asked if when he was collected they could keep me informed. On going to collect the dog from the home the owners also had a bedlington terrier the person who collected asked what was going to happen to him – the owner stated that as he was old (12) they would have him put to sleep as ‘no one would want him’ . I had always had a soft spot for beddies but never owned one so out of curiosity you understand began to read up on them, their temperament, their needs etc and began to wonder if Drew would like a buddy! I agreed to drive back up to Manchester to take my parents to see the lurcher and also have a peek at the beddie. My parents came home with a different dog than they went to see and I spent an hour cuddling what my other half called a womble!’ I came home with ......... no one....but secretly I was already wondering if we could cope with a second dog. It got to Tuesday before I phoned the rescue to see if Digger had received any enquiries but I was told ‘we thought we would wait to see how long it took you as you were obviously smitten!’ We took Drew up on the following Saturday and came home with Digger as a ‘foster’ to see how we would get on but again I had to call the rescue after 24 hours to tell them I could not foster him as there was no way I could let him go to someone else. Where Drew is my soul dog – Digger is my little old man who is guaranteed to make me smile every day. I will update you on our rescue adventures in three weeks time but will add that at 15 Digger is deaf, arthritic, has a heart murmur, tombstone teeth but is an absolute gem. We treasure every day we have with our boy!
Stay tuned – we will be back in three weeks time with more “Digger Daze” where we will tell you off past adventures and current Digger antics!
Bye for now Sal
Welcome Sal to our team of reporters and what a lovely story. Digger and Drew sound fantastic and are so lucky to have such a loving home with you. Do send us lots of photos and news, you don't have to wait until your report week to write to us. Rescue dogs and their owners are very special here at bedlingtonpictures


Tina W said...

What a lovely story Sal-they both must have melted your heart-are you the sal from dog.biz?

Tina W said...

What has happened to that --does anyone know?

Sally said...

Hi Tina - yes its us! Some of you will also have seen us 'lurking' at some of the shows - eyeing up your puppies! We are a little shy so sorry if we appear a bit aloof - we have been to Crufts for 2 years and also attend the Midland show - we have had chats with Yvonne, Slvia and Jane and Trevor.

J&T said...

Hi Sally great to hear from you again! We too have a geriatric womble, our Delphi. She is a mere 13.5 but sinking into her dotage fast. How,s Gavs new job going?
Look forward to seeing you at Crufts next year maybe?
Jane xxx

Sally said...

We will be there Jane! Hmm the job got withdrawn - bit of a long story - will fill you in when I see you - so that barn is on hold for now!

big mo said...

Hi there Sally welcome to our blogg, great to read your rescue report and look forward to more of the same, where did digger get his name ?

Donna said...

hello sally,i think i would have done the same if i saw a bedlington in rescue

Sally said...

Hi Guys - Big Mo - I don't know how either of my boys got their names - they are the names they came into rescue with and we loved them - so kept them plus it saved any confusion for them!

Donna - I have to avoid rescue pages with dogs needing homes otherwise I would have a house full! Thankfully Bedlingtons don't tend to come into rescue very often - but oooh if I won the lottery !!