27 November 2008

Update on Foggy the bedlington that was recently shot
Viv Rainsbury has just had a telephone call from Sue, "mum" of Foggy (Sevray Bar de Nuit),, the Bedlington who was shot earlier this year, with the news that the man who did this dreadful thing has been given a two-year conditional discharge and a £1600 fine. He didn't receive a custodial sentence (which I understand was seriously considered) because of his age (71 yrs). Sue would like to thank everyone who has offered their support over these trying times. There should be a report on Anglia Tonight (local news) at 6.00pm today, Thursday 27th, and photographers and reporters from the national press (daily Mail and Sun, possibly) were also there outside the court in Kings Lynn. Thank you all, for doing your bit to support Sue, Simon and the family.
Thank you Viv, let's hope there is plenty of news coverage, at least then he will not be able to walk down the street without everyone knowing what he has done! Please let me have any links covering this story.


Jon said...


Lesley R Caines said...

Thanks Jon got it!

martin and julie said...

I would like to meet Mr Bishop.

Foggy was a beautiful dog - this really breaks my heart.

mel said...

i think he wants shooting in the chest too! how dare he cause so much suffering and heartache

patricia said...

As my previous comments AND, he looks a heart attack victim, so perhaps he will have one VERY SOON.
and lots more but I cant write it.