17 November 2008

We say hello to Donna who is this week's Midland reporter


Good morning bloggers, now the nights have drawn in, its time for the doggie toy box to come out in the evenings, rubber bones,teddy’s and quacking ducks everywhere. The house is looking and sounding like a nursery again. Willow is in season and she gives me that , I am going to sleep for a month look. Well, we will have a break from each other then!
The winter months make me think of my 11yr old dalmatian Polly, she has had arthritis from a young age. I do find regular massage of the joints and short frequent walks will keep the vet away. Another job to do everyday but it all helps.
I thought you may be interested in seeing ‘our local’ www.littlerascalsuk.com the terms and conditions, and, meet the little rascals, are particularly interesting. I can tell you that they have been very busy for many years. Don’t forget your speakers.
Thurs 19th at 9pm on ch4 is a programme special needs for dogs.
Also a brand new series of the dog whisperer, I cant remember which channel now.
I have an open show date, Ashbourne & d.c.s at Newark 28/12/08 bedlington classes jun,pg,open. Judge T Johnston, Sec R Mosedale 01283 819923.
Bye for now Donna
Thanks Donna hope Polly is not too stiff in this damp weather. Your local breeding kennels are producing a very big variety of pedigree and designer dogs, quite an undertaking I think! In their terms and conditions it is good to see they do agree to refund any puppy that falls sick with an inherited problem, which probably means they are breeding from tested dogs. Thank you for the show information I will put it on our list.


Tina W said...

I think the dog whisperer is on national geographic.You must be kept busy with Polly needing daily massages and lots of short walks.I see your local has joined the bandwagon and is selling "designer dogs"-or expensive mongrels!

Donna said...

mmm maybe i was been to carefull with what i said, but you can guess what the place is anyway

big mo said...

good report Donna it is great to see the new reporters, maybee Sky news next we all have to start somewhere, as they say Job well done/

Maria H said...

I have a dalmatian bitch who turned 13 yesterday with bad back legs, not too sure what area I would need to massage. I have tried those chew things for joints but doesnt seem to make any difference.

julie o said...

hi donna great report

Donna said...

marie my vet showed me how to do her back but its mainly her front legs and shoulders so i do it on there. i have used reiki in the past(yes i know) but i will save that for another report!