31 December 2008

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Happy New Year To Everyone

New years come and new years go,
Pieces of time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
We know we’re privileged to have you in it.
Our appreciation never ends
For our greatest blessings: our family and friends.
Happy New Year


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

During the year may you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet.
Enough trials to keep you strong.
Enough sorrow to keep you human.
Enough hope to keep you happy.
Enough failure to keep you humble.
Enough success to keep you eager.
Enough friends to give you comfort.
Enough wealth to meet your needs.
Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow.
Enough determination to make each day better than the
day before.

Happy New Year to all our friends.

Marie said...

Happy New Year to all the bedlington bloggers!!!
Marie, Cody & Briagha

Donna said...

happy new year everyone!

gwen said...

Happy new year to everyone.Gwen,Steve,Scamp,Candy & Misty.

e.tuck said...

Elaine, Ern, Mac & Lily wish all(two legs and four) a happy new year.

Keep om blogging!!!!!

e.tuck said...

Thanks Mark - that was very profound!

Trish said...

Happy New Year everyone. Wonderful, Mark & perfect to welcome in a new year.

Viv at Sevray said...

Happy New Year to Bedlingtons and their people everywhere,
Edd, Viv and the Sevray team

Sue and Liza said...

Happy New Year to all bloggers and their Beddies (and cats, ferrets, goldfish etc!)
love from Sue, Liza, Millie and Mabel (who is asleep for once, ssshhhhhh...)

Polly said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the bloggers - and their humans.

Nina said...

The best wishes for the new year from cold Norway.
Anija & family

Tina W said...

Happy New Year to all that read the blogg and of course our bedlingtons.
Tony and Tina x

big mo said...

Happy new year to you all keep happy and keep smiling, now we can look forword to Easter.


Ay! Happy New Year to all, and Big Mo the hot cross buns are on the shelves all ready.

The Makems

J&T said...

Hope everyone of you and your bedllies has a peaceful and very, very happy 2009.
Trevor, Jane and the Ruffsfurze crew xxx

big mo said...

Yes Derick you are right I bought some on xmas eve,

victoria said...

happy new year everyone hope to meet a lot more of you this year roy tracey victoria sonny and jack bojangles

muriel said...

Happy new year everyone from Barney, Ella and family. Hope there's not too many sore heads today!
Lesley & Mo we're waiting in anticipation to see what you're new idea for the blog is, come on spill...

Tina W said...

I'd forgotten about that Muriel-c'mon what's the new idea??

martin and julie said...

Happy new Year to everyone on Bedlington Blog, lets hope 2009 is a brilliant one!
lots of love from Martin Julie Jasper and Fosbury xx

sugarcroft said...

Wishing a happy and peaceful new year to bedlington lovers world wide and that all bedlingtons have the wonderful homes that they deserve

sugarcroft *spain*