31 December 2008

New Years Bedlingtons gifts from big Mo
Hi there what with the cold and dark nights, the telly is rubbish so I am bored, what can I do certainly no not house work nor the ironing! I have decided to make some bedlingtons for next Xmas, so if you would like to have one as a new years gift all you have to do is send me a stamped addressed envelope no smaller than 9 x 7 in. and state what colour gold or silver and I will post your gift, does not matter where you live. Big Mo.
These are lovely big Mo I think they would be fantastic as decoration for a special cake or for the Christmas tree next year, or maybe as a door plaque for a child's bedroom. I don't think you will have time for the telly anymore!
As requested Big Mo's address
Mrs M Wright
4 Railway Cottages
Bedwellty Pitts
Gwent NP22 4 BP


Tina W said...

Hi Big Mo-I would like a silver and a gold-sae in the post! Thanks

Lesley R Caines said...

Two gold please big MO

julie o said...

two silver for me please thanks big mo

mel said...

A silver for me too please!!!

Madeline said...

You're always up to something new, Mo. If you're bored, I'd like you to open a grooming school please!

Tina W said...

Do my trees need pruning??

Michele said...

How much do you think it would cost to post to Australia?

big mo said...

not much the post office could tell you , i dont mind posting it and then i can send you the receipt, they are not heavy so should not be too bad.just give me the address and what colour. this is to michele.