31 December 2008

We finally meet the Oracoke Bedlingtons
Willo, Rose, Greyson, Storey and Amelia
Willo and Rose
The rescue Storey who is slowly getting her coat back, she was so matted she had to be shaved by the rescue kennels
No room for mum on the sofa

Waiting for the sun!

This is a great day for the blog, we have heard from the Oracoke Bedlingtons for such a long time but today we actually meet them! What lovely dogs and Storey looks so happy in the photo.
Thank You Tricia we will look forward to lots more photos.


Tina W said...

Really nice photos Tricia and nice to see your woofs -look foorwrd to more!

patricia said...

what a lovely sight, they all look so.....happy happy new year to you all.

Sue and Liza said...

It's fantastic to see all the gang on the blog! They're all looking gorgeous, keep the photos coming!

e.tuck said...

Worth waiting for Trish - they are a credit to you. Happy new year from Mac & Lily

big mo said...

Well Storey has fitted in a treat it wont be long before we wont know which one is which, these photos are great, keep them coming.

Marie said...

At long last!
We've waited a while to see your dogs trish, and it was worth the wait I must say.
All lovely dogs too.

Trish said...

If you can see their collars I have them "color coded" for my friends that can't seem to tell them apart....Rose colored collar for Rose...light blue for Greyson Blue, green for Willo (like the tree) Royal Blue for Amelia...she is a chelsea blue bedlingon & lilac for Storey, because it was an extra one I had. If anyone can think of a good color for Storey (premier collars has any color you can think of) I will get her a new color.

gwen said...

Awww Tricia, they are all lovely.