31 January 2008

Top 07 photo entry 42

Thursday Natterings from Mark in the North East
Just a quickie this week.

We are taking a battering tonight with winds in the North East, with heavy snow forecast for Friday. Last Friday was the first time driving the motorhome in the very strong winds, very scary, especially when you are having to drive around all the overturned vehicles.
Recommend the Morrisons Car Park Industrial estate area at Tollerton, all facilities on site for Motor Homers when visiting the Canine Academy, the price was right as well ;-)
It was an enjoyable weekend & was good to meet up again with everyone, we went onto Smeatons Lakes at Newark on Saturday night & did not leave until the football had finished on the telly at 4pm. No showing for me at the weekend as I am stewarding at Darlington Canine Society, hopefully there will be a Bedlington Terrier or owner there, however I think it unlikely as most say they are not attending, if you are going, let me know. Its good to see all these pups around on the blogg, can't wait to see them in the ring.
Cheers Mark
Thank you Mark I think we are all in for a bit of snow tomorrow, I shall look forward to some wintery shots of Bedlington in the snow!
Thursday Night News
A little bird has told me that Derek Owen is going into hospital for a minor operation tomorrow. We wish Derek all the best and a speedy recovery.
One of Sandra's pups is available!
This lovely blue 8 week old pup has become available due to a change of circumtances with the perspective new owners. His brothers and sisters are off to their new homes on Saturday. As you probably know the sire of this gorgeous puppy is the top Bedlington of 06 Stuart and Angela Yearley's Harry. For more information please call Sandra 01844 261035
Time to train your dog!
As you all know most dog training clubs run classes for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. I know quite a few of you already have awards in this scheme and I am going to put a Good Citizen Achievement page in the index column, If you have worked with your dog and achieved a bronze, silver or gold award let me know and I will put your dog on our award page. For all the show folk remember there is a class at Crufts and up until now it has not been well supported to the fact I have won it two years running, I wonder if Parker will get beaten this year! You can find out more information about the scheme on the Kennel Club website.
Top 07 photo 41

Sad News about our new rescue "Fosbury Flier"
(I had this letter from Martin and Julie last night)
Fos has been to the vet, who says his blood test shows he has liver disease. His ALP test result is 1530 (normal being 20-150). He also has a heart murmur.
He had a urine test today which has shown he does not have diabetes and is having a test for Cushing's Syndrome tomorrow. He's been given a hepatic food to help his liver condition.
We'll let you know when we hear anything new.
Martin and Julie
This is very sad news, do keep us updated!

Introducing a new puppy in The North East, this little fellow is called "Toffo" and is the newest member of the Bussey family. Another liver Bedlington in the ring this summer, I say fantastic!

Billy's Miss American Pie

Little Big man / Good golly Miss Molly / Miss American Pie ( litter mates)
Thank you Billy for the photos, you must be getting so excitied. Not long now!

30 January 2008

Top 07 photo entry 40

This weekend's Open Shows

First of all we would like to wish our young handlers good luck, Victoria is entered in the AVNSC Terrier class at the East Kent Canine Society on Sunday. Good luck also to Sarah Collier who after a long Christmas break is back in the ring in Bedlington Classes at Lowestoft. We will look forward to the news from these shows.
2nd February 2008
Darlington & District Canine Society, Scorton.
Graduate & Open Bedlington classes. Judge: Mr R Crooks (Crooksmoor)
Do email me if you are entered elsewhere.
Top 07 photo enter 39

Top 07 photo entry 38

Liver Profile Tests
The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club/ Bedlington Terrier Health Group are to hold a testing clinic in conjunction with the Open show at Tollerton on 23rd February. To help owners with the cost of blood testing the Bedlington Terrier Health Group has agreed to subsidise the testing, bringing the cost per dog to £18.
For detailed information and an application form please click on the link to the Bedlington Terrier Association Website and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Larry Update

Pat would like to thank everyone for their kind messages and concern about Larry. His condition is improving although his poo is still strange but thankfully no blood! Hopefully Pat will let us know more after Larry's visit to the vet tonight.

29 January 2008

Billy looks good on a diet of best pedigree chicken!

Big Mo has lots of news for us from over the border in Wales

Hi to you all the above picture was in the papers today it makes good reading. I for one could not believe the amount of Labradors that were bred last year, it's hard to imagine where they all go. Now an update on Kevin's mum she is making slow progress but was discharged from hospital this morning. She has had a damaged muscle which has been bleeding causing the leg to swell with severe pain, so lets hope it is starting to get better, I think the bleeding has now stopped. Now Kevin's billy is another story he was so well behaved at the show Saturday but he got carried away this morning when one of Kevin's prize laying hens flew out of the coop and Billy was waiting for it! So Kevin is one hen short, and it was his favourite! Talking to Rhiannon today she was on night duty last week when there was a lot of wind and rain. She arrived home to find all the family warm and cosy all sound asleep in bed but in the Kennel's there was utter chaos. The wind had blown the felt and the boards off the roof the dog's beds where floating in the water.The poor dogs where up to there knees in water they were soaking wet ,and if you can laugh one was stood on a breeze block so proud that he had found a dry spot! The dogs are really pleased they think the soaking was worth while as they are back in the house till the kennels are repaired. Kevin and Rhiannon will have the youngsters at Crufts so that will be great to watch and good luck. Saturday is the start of the Rugby Six Nations and it's Wales v England the Welsh team will be mainly made up of the Ospreys my favourite team so I think we have a good match to look forward to. Speak to you next week.
Thanks Mo, lots of news this week, hope Rhiannon's dogs have recoverd from their ordeal in the wet kennel. And Billy, well he is a real Bedlington, I wonder if he ate the prize hen?
Tuesday night's homework (canine lameness)
Do you understand movement? Can you identify patterns of movement associated with healthy gait, hip dysplasia, and cranial cruciate ligamnet rupture? This learning module is of a 5 year old greyhound which has a similar roach to a Bedlington. Do take the time to look at this video clip, understanding movement is vital if you are breeder, judge or thinking about buying a pedigree dog.
(This takes a while to load, but well worth it!)
Many thanks to Jacqui Hurley for the clip
Little Miss Tuck and baby Briagha

This is a fantastic shot, I think I might use this one for the "Discover Dogs" display board!
Top 07 photo entry 37

Sandra's babies will leave home this weekend, I could just steal one of these little liver girls!
Notice for your diary of the North East Bedlingtom Meet.
Northeast Meet will take place on Sunday the 23 of March all welcome to come along and have a good old natter and a cupper, feel free to bring a raffle prize with you, its your meet see you all there, same venue
Cheers Dawn
A very Special Birthday in the North East Today!
A very Special Birthday greeting to Sharon Ross who has reached the young age of 40 today. Birthday Greetings go to you from everyone at the North East Meet especially John and Dawn Bussey and all your friends here at bedlingtonpictures. Have a wonderful birthday Sharon and don't forget to send us some photos of your very special day .
Tuesday and time for Tina (in Tina Time) from the Midlands.

Yesterday we had to take Maisie back to the vets as the haematoma in her ear had re-filled and had to be drained again. She was still all excited about being there until the vet put the needle in. A lot of blood was drawn off and they have said that if it fills to that extent again they will have to operate next time-fingers crossed that when we go back Friday all is well. It must be the week for accidents as Isla my new puppy managed to get her jaw stuck in the bars of the crate she was in. She was screaming something awful! Luckily Tony was in the kitchen and managed to stretch the bars just slightly to release the tension and she freed herself. Whilst he was doing this Isla's Dad Colin was not happy with the situation and was telling Tony off by barking and growling in his ear. Funny that, as he doesn't seem overly keen on his leaping mad daughter-or so we thought! As soon as she was free she was fine and seems none the worse for her ordeal. Tomorrow it's her turn for the vets for her 1st injection, poor wee girl, the needles are so BIG. That's it 'till next week-please someone give me something to write about for next week.
Tina from the Midlands
Poor little Isla, I don't think it is unusual for puppies to get their teeth caught on a cage, I can remember it happening to one of mine.
Top 07 photo entry 36

28 January 2008

Monday Evening News
This evening we have two reports on our rescue dogs, first from Dora with Lucy.
Firstly I would like to thank all the other lovely 'bedlington' people for welcoming us to the blog. I look forward to reading all the news and your comments. Well, Lucy has been with me for two weeks now and is just showing that she is a cheeky little girl. She is so lovable and affectionate and is a joy to know. Nothing seems to phase her yet; she walks well on the lead, ignores other dogs, is not bothered with traffic noise or the big lorries pass close to us sometimes - so I feel so lucky that I have found her. She has learned how to go in and out of the 'cat-flap'. It took her about a week to learn to go out and a couple more days to realise she could come in as well. She can get into the big yard and is very safe. She goes in the garden to explore when I am with her as she likes to 'eat' the bird food. Most especially to leap up and pull the fat balls down and eat them - 1/3 was eaten before I noticed what she had got ! - no ill effects. Another day when I was working outside tidying up with her help - she fell into the pond, oops. I heard a splash and when I turned she was pulling herself out. She was fine and it was just her body that was was soaked - her head and back were dry. Anyway after a good shake she ran as fast as she could on a circuit of the yard and garden - round and round she went so swiftly that her curls streamed out behind her. Every couple of laps she stopped and looked at me as if she was laughing - she did seem to be having fun. After a while we went indoors and she had a good rub down and again an experience with no ill effects. Well, we are enjoying getting to know each other. Another instalment soon.
Dora and Lucy
I wish you had a video camera to hand the day Lucy fell into the pond!

Fosbury the rescue Bedlington

Here's some pictures of Jasper and Fosbury following their haircuts today by Kathryn. Jasper and Fosbury also met Kathryn's puppy Freddie and Mary's girls Brenda and Bridget. Then they went to the pub and enjoyed some crisps. On the way home they met lots of their friends who thought they looked very smart! The boys really do look great, but my photos don't do them justice. We'll certainly be going back to Kathryn for their haircuts in the future.
All the best Martin and Julie
They certainly look a couple of swells, is Jasper feeling any better about having a new brother around? He certainly looked a little miserable the day Fos arrived!
Millie says ,"it's cold out here mum"!

Lunch Time News
Kevin's mum has been taken into hospital after an accident in a supermarket car park. Apparently she stepped out of her car to do the shopping and fell into a open drain! It must have been a terrible experience as she was stuck, could not move, and nearly got run over by another vehicle before help was at hand. What a frightening experience hope she is now on the mend, Kevin do give us an update on how she is.
On a happier note I would like to welcome back Sue and Liza with Millie who have been off line due to a house move. It is great to read your comments back on the blog and thank you for the lovely new Millie photos.
New young handler joins the Bedlington team!
Congratulations to Lucy who is 15 and was second with Mary Godden's Bedlington " Bridget" in the Junior Handling at the City of Cambridge Canine Society. It is fantastic to see these young people taking an interest in the breed. At the BTOY show amongst us oldies there was only one young person handling, at this rate the breed will die out and not from Copper Toxicosis! Also I would like to congratulate Mary with these results from the Cambridge Show.
AV Terrier puppy - 1st Bridget (Seaofiron Where Angels Play
AV Terrier Graduate - 2nd Brenda (Makems HonkyTonk Woman
AV Terrier Best Puppy - Bridget.
I would just like to let you all know after posting the BTOY photos yesterday that bedlingtonpictures had 600 hits in the 24 hour period, another record for us. The blog certainly seems to growing in popularity with Bedlington fanciers world wide!
We begin our Bedlington blog week with our first junior reporter Victoria.

Jack was well behaved at obedience .we have a slight problem where Jack sits when we want him to stand, this is something we will have to work on .I didn't go to ring craft as I was ill but my Dad took him and he said that Jack performed very well but again,we had the same problem where Jack would sit when we wanted him to stand. My Dad got to grips with him at the end of the session. We have entered Jack into the AVNSC Terrier class at the East Kent Canine Society show on the third of February. We are all looking forward to going. I have just been looking at the photographs from the Bedlington Terrier Of The Year, I would like to congratulate all that participants, all the dogs were turned out beautifully and we realised we have a long way to go to meet the standard of the clipping of these dogs .On a sad note, Larry, Pat and David's Bedlington (and Parker's brother) has been poorly this week and has had to spend several nights at the vets. He is home now and we hope he is on the mend although they have not discovered what is wrong .Get well soon Larry. Good luck to all that are showing this week.
Jack and Victoria
Thank you Victoria, we are all very relieved to hear Larry is home and feeling much better. Poor Larry has been very sick spending two nights on a drip at the vets. Luckily the medicine he is on seems to be working. Larry has had many negative blood tests including a liver profile but the vets are still not sure what is wrong, they think he may have a stomach ulcer or colitis. I spoke to Pat at 8am and Larry has had a good night I will phone this evening for an update.
Top 07 photo entry 35
We will close the entries to this competition next Sunday at midday. We would like to see a few more entries, all you have to do is look through the blog archives of 07 and send me your favourite photos. The only rule is you cannot submit your own picture.
Say hello to Sarah our Senior Junior Reporter for bedlingtonpictures

Here's the report for Monday : It's been another quiet week on the north side of the Thames, only ringcraft to do. I'm looking forward to helping Mum get the dogs in to show clip this week our first show since Luton in December, is at Lowestoft, this weekend. The bedlington classes there taking preference over avnsc at East Kent, (although Judge Mr R Crooks liked Rosie at Darlington) Dad wants to support the breed classes and not lose them like at Dunstable, lets hope we have a good turn out. The girls are entered in a show every weekend till the end of March, so we'll be very busy! I hope everyone had a great day at Bedlington of the Year & congratulations to the winners.
Nice to hear that the girls are back in the show ring, you always look so smart when handling and I just love to see you in a hat. I think all Bedlington junior handlers should follow your dress code! The hats look really lovely especially on a sunny Summer's day. Good luck and we will look forward to hearing your show reports. Next week's reports will be great as Victoria is also showing!

27 January 2008

Bedlington Terrier of The Year 07
The dogs taking part are those which have won a CC or Reserve CC during the year 2007, together with puppies which won a BPP or BBD at a Championship Show where tickets were on offer. The chosen judges were all experienced in judging the breed at Championship level. The 3 Judges were Mrs M Micklethwaite, Mr C Pick and Mr S Yearley. All the dogs were seen by all 3 Judges.

Sunday and it is time to hear from our Tricia from across the pond.

Well, not much to report from this side of the pond. All is quiet. My house on the other hand has not been so. On Wednesday morning, I was doing my "morning stuff" when I heard Amelia yelp.....not unusual, she is a drama queen and yelps over everything.........but this was different. I heard alot of commotion and thought, good God the dogs are attacking her!! So I ran to the living room to find Willo in an absolute panic, tearing through the house with Amelia attached to her collar by her lower jaw. Amelia is screaming, Willo is running blind trying to throw Amelia off her & I realize Willo can't breath....the collar is strangling her!! So now I'm in a panic, I can't catch Willo, she is terrified, running. I was finally able to grab her, pick her up, with Amelia hanging off the collar, get her to the kitchen to cut off the collar. It was so tight I couldn't get the scissors under the collar to cut it. I finally managed to disentangle Amelia's jaw from the collar, which released it. Everyone was fine but me, I was shaking all over. They were a little shaken up, but not like me. I checked them both over to make sure they were in one piece & tried to calm myself. I didn't want to be sending out the "panicked" energy to them. I took them all outside for a romp in the yard & they seem back to normal. Marie sent me a link to a site that sells "break-away" dog collars, so I ordered 4. I am so glad I was home. If I had been out even for a short time it may not have been a happy outcome. I Always laughed at myself, because I put the puppy in her crate WHENEVER I leave the house no matter how short the time. Now I realize what a smart thing that is to do. By the end of the evening, after a VERY long nap, the 2 of them were back playing like nothing had ever happened. Willo DID NOT have her collar on. Well hopefully there will be no further excitement here, my heart has had enough of that for awhile. I don't know if anyone else has had an experience like this, but it was frightening. A very freak thing, who would have thought? Toodles for now, from a much calmer. Tricia.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Poor you, I can just imagine how terrifying it must have been to see the dogs crying and so panic stricken. As you say if it had happened while you were out poor Willo might have suffocated! I have never heard of anything like this happening before, could you let us have the link to the " break-away" collar site?

26 January 2008

Bedlington Terrier of The Year

Mrs Margaret Phillips and Mr & Mrs Mayes with the winning dogs. In the background are today's Judges Mrs M. Micklethwaite, Mr S. Yearley and Mr C. pick.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Phillips with Rathsrigg April Rose who won best Puppy of the Year 2007 and Mr G & Mrs S Mayes Ch Rathsrigg One Misty Morning for winning Bedlington Terrier Of the Year 2007.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club for organising such a great day. All the entrants received a catalogue and and a lovely embroidered towel to mark the occasion. The puppies were judged in the morning, we then had a break for a 3 course lunch before the final judging of the adult dogs in the afternoon. The event was well supported by spectators and friends creating a great party atmosphere.
Today's BBC news
Poison water fear after Bedlington Dies!
Click for report here for report
Thanks to Martin Collier for sending this through
Top 07 phot0 entry 34
Saturday and it is time for our Marie from the isle of Skye!

The weather in Skye has been awful the past few days...the misty isle should be renamed the windy isle! Cody was annoyed that he couldn't go out to play in the garden without getting soaked. I've enclosed a pic of him waiting at the door for the rain to go off. Or perhaps he is waiting for his new baby sister to arrive. Two more weeks until Briagha the new puppy gets here. Elaine has kindly offered to collect Briagha along with Billybob and her own puppy next week. Billy will then collect Briagha and Billybob, and keep mine for a week until I can travel down to meet him. For some reason he has suggested Gretna Green as a meeting place...should I be worried?!
When I return to Skye the chaos will begin, but I can't wait!
I'll be sure to send regular updates and pics for the blog, and hope that Elaine and Billy will do likewise. Its going to be a fun year.
Three new blog puppies, it is going to be great to see these little guys growing up, yes lots of photos and updates please Billy Marie and Elaine!
This one is mine says "Blue"
I think you really enjoy your days out beating Mathew, thanks for the photos

25 January 2008

Top 07 photo 33

Let me out of here!
Stu reporting in from London and the Home Counties
It was Maurice's seventh birthday on Tuesday and he celebrated with a hare stew. It's hard to believe he is now officially a veteran. Seems like only yesterday he won best puppy dog at Crufts for us. It's all coats off for the big one on Sunday. Get them nice and smooth and there's six weeks for them to grow through dense and dark. The coloured guard hairs grow slightly faster than the undercoat so protrude out on top to show maximum pigmentation. Keep combing to a minimum to avoid pulling the coat out. Exercise is being upgraded by an extra mile per day so both dogs and Angie will be like lithe greyhounds straining at the slips.
See you all Saturday
Thanks Stu and many happy retuns to Maurice, it only seems like yesterday when I first saw him in the puppy class at Maidenhead!
Top 07 photo entry 32

Jake says, "I’m so good … I’ve almost got a halo!"

Jake is a very lucky boy as his Mum has been very busy and created a blog just for him. Do check out Jake's blog may be this will inspire you all to have ago at creating your own special doggie website. I am very impressed Louise, Jon had to start bedlingtonpictures for me and he is a computer engineer!

24 January 2008

Top 07 photo entry 31
Now who is next for their jab?
Thursday Natterings from Mark and Jan in the North East

We had a visit to the vets on Saturday for vaccination boosters for 'Z' & 'D', we took the rest of the pack for a trip out, big mistake, they all new as soon as we turned into the car park that we were going to the vets, cue non stop barking for 20 minutes.
Once out of the vets we decided we go for a walk in nearby Marske Woods, not an area we usually walk. It was only 0915 hours, but already the woods were like the M1 with all types of doggy folk walking their pooches. We met all types, all very friendly & all wanting to natter. Then eagle eyed Jan spotted Bedlingtons on the horizon. We all could not meet up quickly enough. A lady & gentleman with 2 bedlingtons in toe, delighted to meet up with another 5 bedlingtons. We exchanged pleasantries & I began casting my eye over the 2 elderly dogs. I questioned where they were from & was advised Scotland & Yorkshire, I looked again & advised the lady that the dog on the right was from Yorkshire & was a Rathsrigg & the one on the left was a Mollora from Scotland, absolutely correct I was advised. Both dogs a credit to their breeders & both pretty much following their breeders characteristic lines. The lady & gentleman asked about Mr & Mrs Phillips & Sylvia Morrice, asking me to pass on their regards. We nattered for over 10 minutes, nice couple.
Whilst we are away at Tollerton this weekend (looking forward to meeting up with everyone), there is a local show here in the North East scheduling Bedlingtons, Northern Dog, if you are attending, good luck, hopefully some one will advise the results & get a snap or two?
Tuesday night was training night, Mathew & Ann Marie turned up with Blue, Mouse & Phyllis the pheasant, shes now bald & awaiting a temperature of around 180 degrees.
See you all soon.
Mark & Jan
Thank You Mark and Jan. Is anyone entered at the Northern Dog show? If you are do send me the results (with or without a photo) of the winners. Mark there is nothing like a casseroled pheasant for dinner, enjoy! How come the pheasant is called Phyllis?
Top 07 photo entry 30

Another rescue is re homed
We have just had a new arrival! His name is Fosbury Flier - known as Fos. He's an 11 year old blue Bedlington that we are homed today. Poor boy suffers from a dry right eye and needs medication for it. Here some pictures of him, with Jasper our now sulky 7 year old liver puppy!
Martin and Julie
It is fantastic to hear of another Bedlington finding a loving new home. We now have a wonderful blog family of rescue bedlingtons. The breed owes so much to all these kind people who open their homes and give these unwanted dogs a new happy family life. Julie and Martin do keep in touch and let us know how Fos is settling in . Lots of love and many thanks from everyone at bedlingtonpicturs.
Top 07 photo entry 29

Whisper and Piper
I bet these two keep you on your toes Julie, puppies are so much fun to watch, but are great time wasters!
Bedlington Terrier Of The Year
This Saturday sees the annual challenge match for Bedlington Terreir Of The Year. This event which is a non Kennel Cub show is run alternate years by The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club and The Bedlington Terrier Association. For this event the top winning 2007 dogs and puppies are invited to take part. Three appointed breed judges ( who are anonymous until the day) will go over each dog and award points to determine top dog and top puppy for 2007. To qualify for this event a puppy must have won Best Puppy in Breed at Championship Show where Challenge Certificates are on offer. The older dogs must have won a Reserve Challenge or Challenge Certificate. This is a fun event where everyone can get together have a good natter enjoy a relaxed lunch as well as the more serious side of competing for top puppy or dog! Jon will be there to take photos of all the dogs and of course anything interesting he sees around the hall and on the grooming tables! We will have a photo of the winning puppy and dog on the blog by Saturday night and the rest of the photos will be uploaded to the blog on Sunday. Good luck to everyone taking part and enjoy the day!

23 January 2008

Michele this is Ken and Adora in Norway. Ken is the Ken Bounden import.

Top 07 photo entry 28

Here are the latest photos of Hammer in San Francisco, he is a credit to you Jeri!
90th Birthday party

Happy Honey
Wednesday News from Big Mo in Wales

This is an update on honey, Pauline her new owner did think about changing her name but she is such a sweety she decided to leave it as Honey. This special little girl is loved by all the family and there are quite a few grandchildren who adore her. Honey has decided that she only likes certain things to eat like treats instead of her meals and only nibbles now and again at the food in her bowl. Pauline is going to have to be firm with the food and not spoil her, gosh they all try it on,! Honey still has a little way to go as she is nervous of strangers and is frightened by other dogs. This little dog is still very young, but with careful training and a loving home Honey should slowly learn to trust people and dogs and become a perfect family member. The weather in Wales has not been too good for walking so unless you have an outdoor fully waterproof suit stay in doors!
It was Enid's Father's birthday last Friday. Idwal her Dad had a wonderful time there was a quiz and guess what, I was in the winning team, hooray! Well that's it for now I am tired as I have been trimming dogs ready for Saturday so all who are attending Bedlington Terrier Of The Year have a great day and will see some you there.
Thank You Big Mo, it fantastic to hear that little Honey has settled in well, perhaps you could nip down with your camera every now and again so we can see lots more of her, all the rescue dogs on this blog are very special. Many happy returns to Idwal, it looks like a great time was had at the party.

22 January 2008

Ah! A rather big "Blue" lurcher pup curled up with Sasca and Mouse the Bedlingtons.
Lovely photo Mathew
Summer sunshine in Australia

Jimmy, Lily in the middle and Teddy on top

Teddy by the pool
Jimmy and Teddy keeping cool

Thought that I had better get around to sending some pictures of our Bedlingtons.
We have three Jimmy, Lily and Teddy (who is our baby 15 months old). Jimmy and Lily have just had their second litter only two this time, they are now 5 weeks old. Teddy is from their first litter, a liver boy that we are having some success showing him. We have a break from showing over the summer as it is too hot.
Welcome Michele to the our blog and what a lovely Bedlington family you have. It is great to have folk tune in from overseas. How I like Teddy what a great colour he is! Do send us some photos of your puppies, are you keeping one from this litter? We will all look forward to hearing from you very soon .
Wow Billy looks his best , spruced up and ready to go to Bedlington Of The year on Saturday!

21 January 2008

Tuesday and it's Tina Time ( from the Midlands)

What a terrible week weather wise-I hope that no-one has been flooded, perhaps we'll have a drier summer with all this rain now. My puppies are going to their new homes this Saturday so the house will be a few decibels quieter-but I will miss them. Tony and Sandra Waller had three pups born last week and all have been spoken for already-Ruby is being a good first time mum. We are off to the vets tomorrow as Maisie has a sore ear-she loves the vets and gets so excited even although she's had injections and anaesthetic it's never put her off, bless her. Good luck to everyone showing this week-keep the bedlington flag flying-it's been so nice to see bedlingtons doing well in the rings alongside different varieties.
Till next time Tina.
Tina your babies are gorgeous, it is sad to see them go but it is always nice to put the house back in order! They look so cute in their grown up Bedlington trim, mind they don't poop on the lovely dressing gown!