29 February 2008

And here is the one and only Stuey, hope he is feeling better, how I wish my dogs had his colouring. He's a smasher!
Thanks Donna

Todays photo shoot

I had an email today from Lorraine to say the results after biopsy found Willow to be having copper storage problems. Luckily there has not been too much damage to the liver but she will have to be on medication and be biopsied again in about 6 months time
Here is a note from Lorraine
It would be nice of you to write something on the blog now, please, I could really do with support from people who truly understand. I would be most interested in how other people have coped with their dogs low copper diet, any known low copper treats, things to especially avoid, anything that may help manage her illness and make poor little Willow's life more happy
If you would like to write privately please email Lorraine LorriDragon@aol.com
I am so sorry to hear about Willow, she is a young dog and fortunately there is little damage to her liver. Hopefully with monitoring and medication she will be able to live a normal life.


Jon's dad looking a lot better. Home maybe Sunday.

BBC Filming

Very cold and damp.
Look how I have grown up and aren't I just gorgeous says Blue the lurcher.
Thank you to Mathew for this photo. It is amazing how dark his coat is when we know Goldie is his Dad and Daisey the brindle is Mum.


This is our little puppy "Quin" (male, blue & tan, six weeks). The pictures are from last Sunday. It was a very nice spring day in Germany and he was going out the first time for a half hour. Now he likes it to play in the sun with our other dogs. He have no sisters or brothers. We are sad about it. But his mother, father and big sister are playing with him a lot :)
Thanks to Nina and Carda Blaser in Germany for more puppy magic! There is nothing prettier than a blue and tan baby.
Friday Notices
First of all i would like to wish Victoria good luck this weekend as she is entered AVNSC on Sunday, but don't know where? Perhaps Victoria can tell us. Also I know one of my favourite dogs "Stuey" has not been too well and was off to he vets this week, Donna can you give us an up date on how he is? And last but not least Mark is looking for a Dahl Jensen porcelain Bedlington Terrier and is not having much luck at the moment. Please let him know if you can help.

28 February 2008

Kevin wins first prize wth Daisey at the Funday
Thursday Evening News
First of all the only show news I have for this weekend is Swindon on Saturday, Kevin Mumford is judging three Bedlington classes with a terrific entry of 17.
Please don't forget to email Louise with interesting pet stories and photos. Also remember to email her with any Bedlington questions. Hopefully someone here on the blog can help! Please please support Louise with her Sunday Pet Day! Contact her at Loukav@ntlworld.com

One of the little girls looking for Mum!
This is one of the puppies born to Jazz. The pups have just started to open their eyes (17 days now) and are getting curious about their surroundings. We have sold the dog but we still have three bitches for sale.
Thanks to Sharon Hayes for the photo, we always love to have puppy pictures on the blog. Email me if you would like to contact Sharon for more details of the little girls still available.

This photo shows a Bedlington with its prize. Spike belongs to David Bruce and is Gutchcommon/ Rillington blood lines. If you are going to Crufts this year do go and visit the Bedlington stand at Discover Dogs. I have put together on a display board a great collection of photos from the blog of dogs out ratting. I am pleased to say there are quite a few show Bedlingtons from this blog that spend their time away from the ring getting muddy chasing rabbits and catching vermin!

Curiosity never killed 17 year old Oscar the cat who is watching something very interesting with his best friend Millie!
Thanks to Sue and Liza, great photo
Thursday and its NorthEast Natterings from Mark
As I type we are again enjoying very nice weather in the North East, with sun pouring in through the window, the wind is still however rather nippy! An enjoyable day at MBTC on Saturday, but didnt the time fly? A very good atmosphere is always assured at this show. It was well worth the trip down for the entrants from the North East show fraternity.
The next day saw Easington & Peterlee C/S show, held at the Nissan Sports Centre near Sunderland, every time I visit this venue I promise it will be the last, but continue to go. Due to the number of entrants of this popular show, space around the rings becomes very tight, to the extent that it is unbearable, no space to even move around with your dogs, or even gain access to the rings. Anyway Sunday was definetley the last time I will enter for that venue!
It was 'M's last local open show, so had hoped to go out on a win, never mind, can't have it all ways. Congratulations to Craigs BOB. Hopefully Derek enjoyed his judging appointment & entry.
Dawn kept everyone amused with her antics, feeling & looking slightly the worse for wear, not to worry, its only your birthday once a year, you enjoy it!
Mathew had Blue at training class on Tuesday, he's growing into a handsome lurcher, with a head to die for.
All my dogs were feeling sorry for there selves after a visit to the vets for blood tests, just laid in their beds for hours, limping around in the house with their coloured stretch bandages on! They all had purple except 'D' who had a illuminous green one attached. They soon perked up when I cut them off & asked if they wanted to go out for a walk.
Bye for now, need to go help my mate Welf to finish of the fence around the decking.
Catch you soon,
Aren't Bedlingtons big softees, I know when one of mine gets a litte twig caught on their leg hair it is the end of the world, yet when a massive big dog threatens they would fight it off rather than run away!

27 February 2008

A study of a working Bedlington sent in by Billy

Here are Sandra and Norman's Megan Mille and Elle out on a walk in the winter sunshine yesterday

Printing error on MBTC Championship Show!
There are a couple of printing errors on the the MBTC Championship Show Schedule:-The date of the show should read Saturday 7th June 2008. The closing date of Monday 5th May is a bank holiday so entries postmarked 6th May will be accepted.The directions map at the back has no roads printed. If you would like another re-printed schedule please email Dorothy Owen to let her know.
Thanks to Tina for the information.
We welcome Deb with a new Bedlington joining our family blog . Yardin who lives in Ohio USA seems to be enjoying romping about in the deep snow.
We woke to a snow storm in the Great Lakes area of the US. It was quite beautiful and I’ve attached a picture of Yardin enjoying the snow as well. She is my English/Canadian little girl. I love her to death. I can’t wait for spring! Deb Bakle-Carn Ohio, USA


Chelsea in exile. Moved to an old people's home.
Billy's mountain

Billy's Lake

Windswept Big Mo tuning in from blustery Wales
Hi from a very windy Wales. Paula sent me computer instructions because I could not get into the comment's box on the blog. Enid also had the same problem but with Paula's help it took me 15 min's to sort out the problem which was naughty cookies! Paula won the competition name the dog and I was asked to present her with the prizes a bottle of wine and dog biscuits. The dogs name that was chosen by Tony and Sandra was Livingstone so we decided it would be nice to show you some of our stones 5 min's from Kevin's Paula's and my house. There are stones in honour of Aneurin Bevan who founded the National Health Service and he was Tredegar born. The lake you see is one that Kevin's young dog Billy swims in, he is entered at Crufts and National Terrier but sadly he will not be there he has had an accident to his right ear, he managed to lose about 3 inches of it how we don't know. Although the ear will heal it is so badly damaged that Billy can not be shown any more. Looking on the bright side he will be still out working the mountains but it's such a shame as he had lots of promise and it was so nice to see Kevin back in the ring. Look after yourselves talk to you next week.
Big Mo
Do you have Cookie problems Paula our blog computer doctor was on call to help Mo and Enid
Hi Mo, I've had problems accessing the blog comments too. If you keep getting an error message, mentioning a virus, this is what I had. To sort it, I went into Internet Explorer, clicked on TOOLS, then clicked on Internet Options. I then cleared all temporary files, cookies etc, then I disconnected from the net and reconnected. Problem sorted, it took me most of the evening to work out what to do. Hope this helps. All the best see you soon
Many thanks to Paula for the computer help and I am so sorry to hear about Billy. It is such a shame to hear he cannot be shown again, I know just how much Kevin was looking forward to a show career with this lovely young dog! Thanks Mo for the report and for the photos. Hope you have warmed up, I know how cold it was in the wind on that photo shoot yesterday.

Anija pleased you arrived safely in Norway, hugs and kisses from your brother Billybob!

26 February 2008

Anija Update

Hello!!We are finally here. Everything went very well. All the dogs welcomed her, and Ken can`t leave her alone. I think it was love at first sight ;0) What a happy and well socialized little girl. Thank you so much Sandra & Norman, and also Lesley who helped us getting to know each other.Ken got a 2nd place in Jr group on Saturday; we did not win.
We are really enjoying little Anija. At last she's at sleep. I think Sandra gave her new batteries before take off !

I hope my little sister has arrived safely in Norway says Briagha.
Nina with big ken last weekend where he was second in the junior class. No news yet to say Anija has arrived safely

Please don't put me on the wrong plane auntie Sandra! If I am priority do I get to travel first class?

Tuesday and it is Tina Time
Saturday was the first show we had been to since before Christmas and I must admit to finding it all a bit of a rush, the AGM ran longer than was anticipated which meant a really quick lunch and hardly any time to prepare for the ring, still it was nice to see everyone but as usual didn't get round to talking to some people. The MBTC is always a friendly club with good food and a nice atmosphere. I have been lead training the pup and my goodness the stubborn madam is hard work-she has to put everything in her mouth and when you take it out she sulks and sits down. I can't recall any of the others being as bad as she is but each day there is progress. Well that's it for this week.
Tina I think little girl pups have more tantrums than the boys. I think boy pups are more laid back and obliging. We wil look forward to seeing her at the shows in the summer.

25 February 2008

Just noticed on a comment it was Dawn's Birthday on Saturday, you kept that quiet Dawn! Anyway Happy Birthday from all your blog family here at bedlingtonpictures.
Hello everyone, I am off to Norway tomorrow, my bags are packed and I must not forget my passport!
Love Anija
Whisper and Ken relax and watch the football.

Whisper and Piper chilling out by the radiator

Thanks Julie this must be Saturday afternoon in your house? They all look very conmfortable!

Recommended Groomers
Just to let everyone know that Dawn Bussy in Durham has time to groom your pet or show Bedlington, her phone numbers is in the groomers list on the index page
We also say hello this morning to Sarah

Here's the report for Monday : Firstly thank you to Enid for letting me show Larry and to Dorothy for letting me show Posh at the MBTC open show on Saturday. Rosie was placed 2nd in Post-Grad, and Lilly was placed 1st in Limit. We all had a nice time at the show. It was lovely to see Trudie, Toby and Tiffany. Trudie and Mum both got some tassels from the stall at the show to put on the dogs collars. Rosie has a red one to match her posh collar and Lilly has a pink one to match hers. Trudie got a pink one for Tiffany and then won another pink one in the raffle. Mum made a cake for the show but they had enough food so she donated it to the health group meeting the next day. Hopefully the cake passed it's health test! On Sunday there was a junior handling class at another show. Lilly and I got 2nd place out of three. I have this weekend off showing, because Mum and Dad are going to the East Anglian Supermatch with Rosie. George and I are going to our Nan and Granddad's to veg out in front of the TV and be over fed! I am really looking forward to Crufts, but there are only two weeks of training left. Hope to see some of you there.
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie.

Jack out in the woods yesterday

Good morning bloggers it is Monday so we say hello to our Junior Handler Victoria

Last Monday at obedience Jack was good until his turn was over .then he would go CRAZY trying to get at one of the four Labradors that where there. At ringcraft my Mum came for the first time (she usually goes to French classes on a Thursday). she enjoyed having a cup of tea and watching the dogs go up ad down the mats. I did some more junior handling with Naomi and Gaby (another girl into junior handling). I am in a junior handling class at the Gravesend and Medway towns canine society on the 30th march. It is a Richmond qualifier and I am not expecting anything. I hope to have a good time and to learn from it. This morning we went for a walk in the woods, Jack was picking up sticks, showing them to us and running off...one of his favourite games! Have a good time with all of your Bedlingtons and good luck on any shows. lots of love Victoria and Jack.

24 February 2008

Open Dog
Open Bitch

Today's results from Easington and Peterlee District Open Show
Judge Mr Derek Owen

.CEDAR OF THE MANOR-steven ross
1.JANMARK ALANNORA-mark walshaw
3.WINFELL REWARD-steven ross
1.CH UPTNORTH SISTER BLISS-craig richardson
BOB, grp2 CH UPTNORTH SISTER BLISS-craig richardson
puppy grp 2 HONEYMIST GAVIOTA-steven ross
Many thanks to the North East team for the results and Billy for the photos, congratulations to the winners especially Steve and Craig for their group placings.


Here are the first of today's results
London Airdale And Fox Terrier Club

1. Catchfraze Free N Ezzi (BPIB) Miss K Alders
2. Catchfraze Flirty Bertie Mrs L Winstanley
1. Harrisclub Flash Harry Mr & Mrs Button
1. Fallsdae Fraggle Rock (BOB) Mr & Mrs Harris
2. Cornashton Blue Willow Mr & Mrs Roberts
3. Mollora Little Rosie Mrs J Collier
Res. Ratzwell Samson Mrs L Winstanley
VHC. Lowbrook Lark of Tolpedn Mr K Bounden & Miss M Alders
1. Ratzwell Blue Ash Mrs L Winstanley
2. Ratzwell Issy May Art Mr & Mrs Harris
3. Miteymidgets Cruiser Mrs J Collier

Judge Mr T Leavers
We left before BIS hopefully someone will advise.
Thanks to Martin for the results and photos, congratulations to all the winners
Breed Clubs
Please note I have put on links in the index column on the home page to our three Bedlington clubs. Do check these websites regularly for all the latest information and news!
Crufts News
A message from Carmel Smallwood Cleveley (who is our Crufts judge this year) to say due to Crufts regulations the Barbera Butcher Memorial Trophy which is awarded to the Best Veteran cannot be presented to the winner in the ring. This trophy will be given to the winner outside of the show ring after completion of the judging.
Judge Mrs Eileen Needham

Best puppy in show Honeymist Gaviota
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show 23rd Feb 2008 Photos
Ed and Ossie


Hi bloggers, Louise here with my second pet report. All quiet on the Jake front this week, apart from him being in disgrace for eating yet another bed.. I feel mean making him lie on the carpet – you should see the looks he gives me - but it's his fault! Any suggestions for a chew-proof bed? I've seen one, a bit like a hammock, but it's £70+ and I don't really want to spend that much on one.
This week I'm pleased to introduce 2 new Bedlingtons to the blog... Ed & Ossie... here's the email from their owners Sarah and Tony...
We are Ed (Edwin) and Ossie (Oswald) aged 2. We have a lovely life in rural county Durham with Sarah and Tony. We think we might live near to Millie – as we go on some of the same walks.
Here’s a picture of us on our holidays last September – fantastic weather at the top of Haystacks. Ossie is on the left having a sit-down. Ed has to be held, as he’s keen to keep going, and hates to stop even for checking the map. We have coats since we got wet through in horizontal rain on a previous trip to the Lake District, Sarah was worried that we might get hypothermia. We only wear them when it’s very wet or cold. It also stops us trying to dry ourselves on the walls and sofa when we get back from a wet walk.
Welcome to the blog Ed & Ossie, we look forward to see more great action photos of you.
Now on to the questions....
1. Victoria asked.. Can anyone give us any tips on cutting Jacks toe nails, they are black so we can’t see the quick and they are also growing straight and not being worn down by walking?
2. Sue & Liza would like someone to explain what it means when we read, for example, “Parker wins group 4”. What is group 4? And group 2, or any other number for that matter! We like reading about the show successes, but wish we understood more about what it all means.
3. Sarah asked... Where do you find a nice double crate like Cody and Briagha’s? Ed & Ossie sleep in separate medium sized crates, but have to share one in the car. Ed likes to spread himself out and squashes Ossie. Our local shops only seem to have single crates. Does the partition come out of the double crate? Otherwise we will have to take 3 crates on holiday – 2 flat packed, for sleeping and a double for traveling.
4. Matthew asked... How do you stop your dogs pulling on the lead??? Surely mine can't be the only ones that do it!!
Bloggers it's over to you...Thanks to everyone who has contributed this week... Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week,
Louise & Jake
Welcome Ed an Ossie to our bedlington pictures family. Thank you so much for writing to Louise and we will look forward to lots more photos and stories. Living up in the Northeast you should not be far from the Bedlington Meet, If you can, do go along it is a fun event for all breed enthusiasts. The next one is on March 23rd
Sunday and we also say hello to our Tricia from over the pond in the USA

Since last week I was unable to send my report, I am starting early this week. All quiet here, so I will tell what is happening in my very remote part of the world. We have had very rainy weather here, much need, since we are in a severe drought. The dogs hate it though, you would think they were made out of spun sugar & melt if they got wet, with the way they act. Amelia got to sleep on the "big dog" bed with her sisters for the first night on Valentine's night. Before that she was sleeping in the crate next to the dog bed, she is such a good girl, I thought I would give her a chance to see if she could stay on the bed all night. ......and she did. If I got up during the night she stayed with the others (they are not allowed to get up after they "go to bed"), they have to wait until I get up in the morning and say "ok girls, time to start our day & go outside"...then everyone runs down the hall to the front door. Amelia did perfect, I was SO proud of her, so she has been on the "big bed" ever since. On Wednesday it was "Vet Day" at my house & she got to stay out in the living room and meet and greet people coming to see the vet with their pets. She was so good, no jumping up on anyone, she sat nicely and waited to be petted. Of course everyone loved her & had several people borrow out of my "dog training" books library, to try to see if they can get the same results.....they were very impressed that she is just 4 1/2 months old. She has 3 very good teachers though.....Greyson, Rose and Willo. Our road is still closed, so I remain isolated on this 14 miles long sandbar I call home. 15 March is the big day that the road re-opens, providing everything goes well. I personally love being cut off from everything......that is why I came here in the first place! Soon enough we will be innundated with tourists & my life will go hectic again....thats all for now from me and the girls......Toodles.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Tricia your own private island how lovely, hope the food shops had plenty in stock, that would be my only worry at being cut off from the mainland.

23 February 2008

BOB Ch Mollora Kristi marie with Janmark ShCM
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show
Mark Walshaw wins Best In Show for a second time at the Midland show today with Ch Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark ShCM. Reserve went to Dorothy Owen with Bisbee Painted Lady and
Best Opposite sex to Hefin and Enid Jones with Pengerrig Iron Duke. Best puppy Steve and Sharon Ross with Honeymist Gaviota
Congratulations to all the winners. We have only just got back so tune in tomorrow for the photos of all the exhibitors and winners.

Saturday and it's time to hear from Marie

Not much to report this week from Scotland, except to say that Briagha is doing well. She is getting bigger, and she just loves Cody. Her wee tail wags as soon as he comes into view, and she's started using him as a pillow when she has a nap. Normal service has been resumed weatherwise this week as it has turned wet and very windy. It will be another two weeks before Briagha is fully immunised and then she can see more of the island. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then. I hope all the other pups are doing well, and good luck to Anija on her journey to her new home later in the week.
Marie, Cody and baby Briagha in Skye.
Thank you Marie, great photos, a little different to the last photo of them on the sofa when they were miles apart. I think Cody now likes his new little sister.
Now here is a another gorgeous study of a Bedlington head and this very handsome boy is Mac. I wonder how he is getting on with Lily? Do give us an update Elaine.