17 January 2009

Dog press
I have just been going through the dog press looking for news, but I just want to say how upset I get scrolling through the headlines. There are way too many cruelty and neglect articles. I don't put on links to many of these cases as they are too distressing and may upset the blog readers. I just want to say that if you are thinking of breeding please, please make sure you have a reliable waiting list for pups. In this climate to breed because you want to keep the pick of the litter is just not acceptable. Luckily most unwanted bedlington eventually do find loving new homes, but one can only imagine the stress some dogs may have gone though before being re-homed. I have been contacted before now from people wanting to give away registered pups as they can no longer keep them. Giving pups away to strangers is a huge mistake, good dog husbandry is time consuming and very expensive, giving a pup away to stranger will not insure they have the commitment or finance to keep a dog for many years.
I shall get off my high horse now grab another tissue and get out the Lemsip!

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big mo said...

perhaps you need more than a lemsip perhaps Ginny will share with you.