27 January 2009

Dog Walks
We are starting up another new topic on the blog ( Dog Walks). Do you have a favourite trail park that you can share with us. I know we have had some wonderful country and coastal photos. Do write and tell us and if there is enough response I Will open up a file with the recommended walks in the index column
Hello Bloggers This is one of the walks we take our dogs. It's at Hetton Downs Country Park, Houghton-Le Spring, Co. Durham. As were a lot of the Country parks in this area it was once Eppelton Colliery adjacent pit heap. The walk various from tarmac path to grass and newly wooded areas and although short at the moment once the old quarry is reclaimed it will be much longer. Plenty of rabbits about for the dogs to sniff out.


Sue and Liza said...

Looks very nice Derek, haven't been there so will give it a try sometime. Can you let the dogs off lead there? We went to Rainton Meadows a few weeks back hoping to tire Millie out with a good run, but she had to be kept on a lead there.


Sue & Liza

Rainton Meadows is strictly for members of Durham Wildlife Club.

Hetton Downs is for normal folk like us. Turn the dogs loose and let them have a good run. We might be there in the morning, not too early though.

The Makems

Sue and Liza said...

Ah, didn't realise that about Rainton Meadows Derek. We'll have to get ourselves over to Hetton Downs, it looks grand. Couldn't make it today as Millie's been doing a PAT dog visit this morning and is absolutely cream crackered now!